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Bulletin —Worship Service Outline

The bulletin contains an outline of the worship service (Order of Worship), with the words to the songs and hymns, Bible readings, news and announcements about church events etc.

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Children on the lawn playing with others playing ball in the background

Vacation Bible School VBS Photos

Photo Gallery VBS Lutherhaven Day Camp Outdoor Activities Archery is usually included among the interesting activities that is a favorite among the young campers.   Play has an Important Place…

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A child sliding down an outdoor slide with an adult watching

Preschool Programs, Classes & Ages

We aim to develop kids who love school and are ready to learn! The Mt Olive Preschool has over 90 students utilizing 4 classrooms. The program involves a staff of 14 teachers and assistants supervised by a preschool administrator.

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Recent Sermons

The words, "Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in paradise." with a drawing of Jesus on the cross.

You Died 2000 years ago —2019 July 14 message

Grace is like water. It always flows down. It always seeks the lowest point.  . . . Grace never runs uphill to the high, to the strong, to the mighty and powerful.  . . . The one question the Christian who has been set free by the gospel of Jesus Christ, the one question that Christian needs to ask is ‘Now that I have died, . . . How do I want to live my life now, knowing this?

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