Pastor’s blog: What Is Advent?

A fountain pen with the words, "From the Pastor."

Photo of a feather quill in an ink jar with the words, "Note from the Pastor."


Advent is the first season of the church year. It begins on the 4th Sunday before Christmas. The Latin word advent means “coming.” In these weeks before Christmas, we are invited to focus upon the comings of Christ. His first coming as a baby in a manger and his second coming in order to judge the world.

Make Ready the Way

As John the Baptist was called by God to prepare the people for the Messiah’s coming, still today his words cry out to us, “Make ready the way of the Lord! Make His paths straight!” (Mark 1:3).

Ponder and Rejoice

May God help you and me to ponder and rejoice over the Messiah’s first coming. May He prepare us, also, with true repentance and faith for His glorious second coming! Blessed Advent to you and yours.

—Rev. Craig Patterson


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