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Mt. Olive Luther­an Church

Pas­tor: Rev­erend Ken­neth L. Williamson

Mes­sages are orga­nized by series as well as dates. Audio mp3 files that may be down­loaded or streamed. One of the most pop­u­lar series is found on this list: 

Four candles burning with a lighted cross in the background and the words "Advent Sermon Series"

Shepherds Take the Opportunity

(1st Sun­day of Advent)

—2015 Nov 29, part 1 of 2015 Advent Series

Keep Your Eye on the Finish LineA runner hitting a black tape across the middle with her hands raised high and other runners in the background

—2015 Dec 6, part 2 of 2015 Advent Series

Joseph (third Sunday of Advent)

Silouettes of a man walking and a woman on a donkey

—2015 Dec 13, part 3 of

2015 Advent Series


—2015 Dec 20, part 4 of

2015 Advent Series

Fish design, fish wearing a crown and the words "Sermon Series"12 part series:

Drawing of a church reader board with the words "Reaching, Building, Sending church


To develop devoted disciples by reaching, building and sending.

The 12 teach­ing mes­sages in this series by Pas­tor Ken Williamson encour­age and instruct our con­gre­ga­tion (pre­sent­ed from August through Novem­ber, 2015) about many Bib­li­cal things we need to know and do in order to suc­ceed in ful­ly imple­ment­ing the pow­er­ful dec­la­ra­tion (that we repeat in some form at almost every reg­u­lar wor­ship ser­vice) from our Mount Olive Luther­an Church’s Mis­sion State­ment.

How to become a Reaching, Building and Sending Church

A Love, a Faith, a Hope that will change the world”

—Intro­duc­tion, part 1

The words "Faith, Hope, Love" with a cross for the "t" in Faith, an anchor for the "H" in Hope, and a heart for the "o" in Love.

Jesus’ Prayer for the ChurchChrist with a crown of thorns on his head and the cross behind him

part 2

Colored drawing of St. Paul holding a book.

Paul’s Expectation of a Reaching, Building, and Sending Church

part 3

Faith: The influential Value of a Reaching, Building and Sending Church Just the word "faith" and simple design

part 4

A line drawing in blue of a dove and the word "Hope"

Hope:The Motivating Value of a Reaching, Building and Sending Church

part 5

Love: The All Important Value of a Reaching, Building and Sending Church

part 6

The word "Love" in red with a cross design above it.

Four Essential Experiences of a Reaching, Building, and Sending Church

part 7

A black and white butterfly with the words "The Word of God"

Learning and Growing with the Word of God

part 8

Learning to Grow in Love with Each Other

part 9The word "Love" on a vibrant colored red and purple background

Reaching out to Non-Christians

part 10

Drawing of six hands reaching up.

Antioch, an example of a Reaching, Building, and Sending Church

part 11

Acts 11:19–30; 13:1–3

Photo of church built over a cave in Antioch, the first Christian church.
This pho­to of St Pierre Kilis­esi is cour­tesy of Tri­pAd­vi­sor

More about Anti­och from Wikipedia:

Accord­ing to Acts 11:19–26, the Chris­t­ian com­mu­ni­ty at Anti­och began when Chris­tians who were scat­tered from Jerusalem because of per­se­cu­tion fled to Anti­och. They were joined by Chris­tians from Cyprus and Cyrene who migrat­ed to Anti­och. It was in Anti­och that the fol­low­ers of Jesus were first referred to as Chris­tians.

A main point of inter­est, how­ev­er, is con­nect­ed with the progress of Chris­tian­i­ty among the non-Jew­ish believ­ers. Tra­di­tion holds that the first Gen­tile church was found­ed in Anti­och, Acts 11:20–21, where it is record­ed that the dis­ci­ples of Jesus Christ were first called Chris­tians Acts 11:19–26. It was from Anti­och that St. Paul start­ed on his mis­sion­ary jour­neys.[1] 

Logo: The sun rising with the words "Mt. Olive Lutheran Church"
A Mission Statement—The Usefulness of a Stated Purpose

22 Nov 2015, part 12, com­plet­ing the series on imple­ment­ing Mt. Olive Luther­an Church’s mis­sion state­ment.

Non-Perishable Fruit (series)Poster with the words "FRUIT" and "SPIRIT" large in the phrase "The Fruit of the Spirit"

by Pas­tor Ken, this 10 part series is based upon the “Fruits of the Spir­it” from Gala­tians 5:21–22

22 But the fruit of the Spir­it is love, joy, peace, patience, kind­ness, good­ness, faith­ful­ness, 23 gen­tle­ness, self-con­trol; against such there is no law.”


Introduction -to the series “Non-Perishable Fruit

31 May 2015, part 1 of the series “Fruit of the Spir­it” focused main­ly on the Fruits of the Spir­it from Gala­tians.

The word "GOD" in large purple letters with the words "IS Love" inside the letter "O" in GOD.Love                       

7 June 2015, part 2

Fruit of the Spirit — JOY  

14 June 2015, part 3 of the series “Non-Per­ish­able Fruit”

Six boxes in 3 rows of two 3 on left spell "JOY" & 3 on right have cross sun & hand

How to Model and Bring Out the Best in Others

on Fathers’ Day, 21 June 2015

{Not exact­ly part of the series, Fruit of the Spir­it, this mes­sage still seems to fit here, an out­stand­ing mes­sage about the true expres­sion of love through high expec­ta­tions for chil­dren.}

The words "PAX" and "PEACE" slightly overlapingPeace

28 June 2015, part 4 of the series “Non-Per­ish­able Fruit”


5 July 2015, part 5 of the series “Fruit of the Spir­it”

Kindness   The word "Kindness" in large blue letters with the words "I love" sideways to the left of the letter "K"

12 July 2015, part 6 of the series “Non-Per­ish­able Fruit”

Goodness (Integrity)

—19 July 2015, part 7


(No record­ing avail­able)

—26 July 2015, part 8 of the series “Non-Per­ish­able Fruit”

Meekness & Gentleness

—2 August 2015, part 9 of the series “Non-Per­ish­able Fruit”


—9 August 2015, last part (10) of the series “Non-Per­ish­able Fruit”

Mother’s Day 2015 Drawing of a boquet of flowers and the words "Mothers' Day"

—10 May 2015

Jesus and Women (series)

Jesus with a woman and a pitcher of water with the words "The woman at the well"The Woman at the Well

12 April 2015

part 1 of the series “Jesus and Women”

The Canaanite Woman

19 April 2015

part 2 of the series “Jesus and Women”

To Stone or Not?

26 April 2015

part 3 of the series “Jesus and Women”

The Woman in the House of Simon the Pharisee Close up drawing of a woman pouring perfume on feet

3 May 2015

part 4 of the series “Jesus and Women”

The Parable of the Widow and the Judge

Close-up picture of a gavel17 May 2015

part 5 of the series “Jesus and Women”

 Christ with a crown of thorns and the cross behind him

A pastor holding up a Bible above a cross that is covered by a cloth with the words "Pastor's Lenten Series"

A series in 12 parts:

Symbols of His Suffering

The Palm Branches and the Donkey A drawing of Jesus on a donkey with people waving branches and the words "Palm Sunday"

29 Mar 2015, part 12 of the Lenten series “Sym­bols of His Suf­fer­ing”

The Seamless Coat and the Dice

25 Mar 2015, part 11 of the Lenten series “Sym­bols of His Suf­fer­ing”

The Sponge and the Reed

22 Mar 2015, part 10 of the Lenten series “Sym­bols of His Suf­fer­ing”

The Hammer and the Nails

Drawing of a hammer and three nails with the words "Hammer & Nails"

18 Mar 2015, part 9 of the Lenten series “Sym­bols of His Suf­fer­ing”

Ewer and Basin Colored drawing of a pitcher as pouring water into a bowl and the words "Ewer & Basin"

15 Mar 2015, part 8 of the Lenten series “Sym­bols of His Suf­fer­ing”

Purple crown of thorns design


The Crown of Thorns

11 Mar 2015, part 7 of the Lenten series “Sym­bols of His Suf­fer­ing”

The Pillar and the Scourge A helmet above and a whip below the words "Truly, He was the Son of God."

8 Mar 2015, part 6 of the Lenten series “Sym­bols of His Suf­fer­ing”

The Reed

4 Mar 2015, part 5 of the Lenten series “Sym­bols of His Suf­fer­ing”

30 Pieces of Silver

Bag of coins with a few beside the bag

1 Mar 2015

part 4 of the Lenten series “Sym­bols of His Suf­fer­ing”

A rooster crowing with the sun rising behind himThe Crowing Rooster

25 Feb 2015   part 3 of the Lenten series “Sym­bols of His Suf­fer­ing”

The Sword and Severed Ear A vertical sword with flames

22 Feb 2015

part 2 of the Lenten series “Sym­bols of His Suf­fer­ing”

Simple drawing of a cup with bread and grapesThe Cup

Ash Wednes­day, 18 Feb 2015  part 1 of the Lenten series “Sym­bols of His Suf­fer­ing”


(2-part series)

See­ing Your Way Through Prob­lems (part 1)—8 Feb 2015

See­ing With the Eyes of Faith (part 2)—15 Feb 2015

(4-part series)      Wooden blocks with letters and the words "ABCs of First Fruit Giving"



-11 Jan 2015


-18 Jan 2015


-25 Jan 2015


-1 Feb 2015

Green banner with the letters "ABCD"

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