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Mt. Olive Lutheran Church

Pastor: Reverend Kenneth L. Williamson

Messages are organized by series as well as dates. Audio mp3 files that may be downloaded or streamed. One of the most popular series is found on this list: 

Four candles burning with a lighted cross in the background and the words "Advent Sermon Series"

Shepherds Take the Opportunity

(1st Sunday of Advent)

—2015 Nov 29, part 1 of 2015 Advent Series

Keep Your Eye on the Finish LineA runner hitting a black tape across the middle with her hands raised high and other runners in the background

—2015 Dec 6, part 2 of 2015 Advent Series

Joseph (third Sunday of Advent)

Silouettes of a man walking and a woman on a donkey

—2015 Dec 13, part 3 of

2015 Advent Series


—2015 Dec 20, part 4 of

2015 Advent Series

Fish design, fish wearing a crown and the words "Sermon Series"12 part series:

Drawing of a church reader board with the words "Reaching, Building, Sending church


To develop devoted disciples by reaching, building and sending.

The 12 teaching messages in this series by Pastor Ken Williamson encourage and instruct our congregation (presented from August through November, 2015) about many Biblical things we need to know and do in order to succeed in fully implementing the powerful declaration (that we repeat in some form at almost every regular worship service) from our Mount Olive Lutheran Church’s Mission Statement.

How to become a Reaching, Building and Sending Church

“A Love, a Faith, a Hope that will change the world”

—Introduction, part 1

The words "Faith, Hope, Love" with a cross for the "t" in Faith, an anchor for the "H" in Hope, and a heart for the "o" in Love.

Jesus’ Prayer for the ChurchChrist with a crown of thorns on his head and the cross behind him

part 2

Colored drawing of St. Paul holding a book.

Paul’s Expectation of a Reaching, Building, and Sending Church

part 3

Faith: The influential Value of a Reaching, Building and Sending Church Just the word "faith" and simple design

part 4

A line drawing in blue of a dove and the word "Hope"

Hope:The Motivating Value of a Reaching, Building and Sending Church

part 5

Love: The All Important Value of a Reaching, Building and Sending Church

part 6

The word "Love" in red with a cross design above it.

Four Essential Experiences of a Reaching, Building, and Sending Church

part 7

A black and white butterfly with the words "The Word of God"

Learning and Growing with the Word of God

part 8

Learning to Grow in Love with Each Other

part 9The word "Love" on a vibrant colored red and purple background

Reaching out to Non-Christians

part 10

Drawing of six hands reaching up.

Antioch, an example of a Reaching, Building, and Sending Church

part 11

Acts 11:19-30; 13:1-3

Photo of church built over a cave in Antioch, the first Christian church.
This photo of St Pierre Kilisesi is courtesy of TripAdvisor

More about Antioch from Wikipedia:

According to Acts 11:19-26, the Christian community at Antioch began when Christians who were scattered from Jerusalem because of persecution fled to Antioch. They were joined by Christians from Cyprus and Cyrene who migrated to Antioch. It was in Antioch that the followers of Jesus were first referred to as Christians.

A main point of interest, however, is connected with the progress of Christianity among the non-Jewish believers. Tradition holds that the first Gentile church was founded in Antioch, Acts 11:20-21, where it is recorded that the disciples of Jesus Christ were first called Christians Acts 11:19-26. It was from Antioch that St. Paul started on his missionary journeys.[1] 

Logo: The sun rising with the words "Mt. Olive Lutheran Church"
A Mission Statement—The Usefulness of a Stated Purpose

22 Nov 2015, part 12, completing the series on implementing Mt. Olive Lutheran Church’s mission statement.

Non-Perishable Fruit (series)Poster with the words "FRUIT" and "SPIRIT" large in the phrase "The Fruit of the Spirit"

by Pastor Ken, this 10 part series is based upon the “Fruits of the Spirit” from Galatians 5:21-22

22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness, self-control; against such there is no law.”


Introduction -to the series “Non-Perishable Fruit

31 May 2015, part 1 of the series “Fruit of the Spirit” focused mainly on the Fruits of the Spirit from Galatians.

The word "GOD" in large purple letters with the words "IS Love" inside the letter "O" in GOD.Love                       

7 June 2015, part 2

Fruit of the Spirit – JOY  

14 June 2015, part 3 of the series “Non-Perishable Fruit”

Six boxes in 3 rows of two 3 on left spell "JOY" & 3 on right have cross sun & hand

How to Model and Bring Out the Best in Others

on Fathers’ Day, 21 June 2015

{Not exactly part of the series, Fruit of the Spirit, this message still seems to fit here, an outstanding message about the true expression of love through high expectations for children.}

The words "PAX" and "PEACE" slightly overlapingPeace

28 June 2015, part 4 of the series “Non-Perishable Fruit”


5 July 2015, part 5 of the series “Fruit of the Spirit”

Kindness   The word "Kindness" in large blue letters with the words "I love" sideways to the left of the letter "K"

12 July 2015, part 6 of the series “Non-Perishable Fruit”

Goodness (Integrity)

—19 July 2015, part 7


(No recording available)

—26 July 2015, part 8 of the series “Non-Perishable Fruit”

Meekness & Gentleness

—2 August 2015, part 9 of the series “Non-Perishable Fruit”


—9 August 2015, last part (10) of the series “Non-Perishable Fruit”

Mother’s Day 2015 Drawing of a boquet of flowers and the words "Mothers' Day"

—10 May 2015

Jesus and Women (series)

Jesus with a woman and a pitcher of water with the words "The woman at the well"The Woman at the Well

12 April 2015

part 1 of the series “Jesus and Women”

The Canaanite Woman

19 April 2015

part 2 of the series “Jesus and Women”

To Stone or Not?

26 April 2015

part 3 of the series “Jesus and Women”

The Woman in the House of Simon the Pharisee Close up drawing of a woman pouring perfume on feet

3 May 2015

part 4 of the series “Jesus and Women”

The Parable of the Widow and the Judge

Close-up picture of a gavel17 May 2015

part 5 of the series “Jesus and Women”

 Christ with a crown of thorns and the cross behind him

A pastor holding up a Bible above a cross that is covered by a cloth with the words "Pastor's Lenten Series"

A series in 12 parts:

Symbols of His Suffering

The Palm Branches and the Donkey A drawing of Jesus on a donkey with people waving branches and the words "Palm Sunday"

29 Mar 2015, part 12 of the Lenten series “Symbols of His Suffering”

The Seamless Coat and the Dice

25 Mar 2015, part 11 of the Lenten series “Symbols of His Suffering”

The Sponge and the Reed

22 Mar 2015, part 10 of the Lenten series “Symbols of His Suffering”

The Hammer and the Nails

Drawing of a hammer and three nails with the words "Hammer & Nails"

18 Mar 2015, part 9 of the Lenten series “Symbols of His Suffering”

Ewer and Basin Colored drawing of a pitcher as pouring water into a bowl and the words "Ewer & Basin"

15 Mar 2015, part 8 of the Lenten series “Symbols of His Suffering”

Purple crown of thorns design


The Crown of Thorns

11 Mar 2015, part 7 of the Lenten series “Symbols of His Suffering”

The Pillar and the Scourge A helmet above and a whip below the words "Truly, He was the Son of God."

8 Mar 2015, part 6 of the Lenten series “Symbols of His Suffering”

The Reed

4 Mar 2015, part 5 of the Lenten series “Symbols of His Suffering”

30 Pieces of Silver

Bag of coins with a few beside the bag

1 Mar 2015

part 4 of the Lenten series “Symbols of His Suffering”

A rooster crowing with the sun rising behind himThe Crowing Rooster

25 Feb 2015   part 3 of the Lenten series “Symbols of His Suffering”

The Sword and Severed Ear A vertical sword with flames

22 Feb 2015

part 2 of the Lenten series “Symbols of His Suffering”

Simple drawing of a cup with bread and grapesThe Cup

Ash Wednesday, 18 Feb 2015  part 1 of the Lenten series “Symbols of His Suffering”


(2-part series)

Seeing Your Way Through Problems (part 1)—8 Feb 2015

Seeing With the Eyes of Faith (part 2)—15 Feb 2015

(4-part series)      Wooden blocks with letters and the words "ABCs of First Fruit Giving"



-11 Jan 2015


-18 Jan 2015


-25 Jan 2015


-1 Feb 2015

Green banner with the letters "ABCD"

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