Preschool flood -using Sunday School rms

Carpet with a puddle of standing water in the Preschool wing

Carpet with a puddle of standing water in the Preschool wingPreschool flooded

-frozen sprinkler part to blame

Extreme­ly cold weath­er struck a ter­ri­ble blow to Mount Olive Preschool dur­ing the week before Christ­mas. On Mon­day, Dec 19,  a frozen part of the fire pro­tec­tion sprin­kler sys­tem in the attic trig­gered a fire alarm that turned on sprin­klers caus­ing ceil­ings to col­lapse and result­ing in water dam­age, as sev­er­al class­rooms were flood­ed. Water even flowed along the hall­way toward the office from the Preschool Wing.

We are wait­ing for the adjusters and con­trac­tors to repair and clean up the hor­ri­ble mess. Work­ers for a local con­trac­tor swarmed over the site with­in an hour after Lar­ry con­tact­ed them so repairs are get­ting off to a good start. Imme­di­ate­ly they began work­ing at get­ting every­thing dried out.


Construction Zone in Preschool Wing — Stay Out, Please

Please stay out of the Preschool wing until fur­ther notice so the work­ers can make it safe again.

Many, many thanks to Lar­ry,  Lin­da, Dar­cy and all the clean-up crew.School hallway with puddles on the carpet

Bathroom with the ceiling crumbling and falling down









How soon will Preschool get back to their classrooms?

Lar­ry said that the dam­age is exten­sive and the work required to repair the Preschool Wing, so that the Preschool staff and stu­dents can use the space again, will like­ly not be com­plete until some­time in Feb­ru­ary.


What will happen to the Preschool?

The Preschool class­es will use Sun­day School rooms, some of which, thank God, have been recent­ly remod­eled to increase their size for grow­ing atten­dance in Mt. Olive’s Children’s Sun­day School.