Preschool flood -using Sunday School rms

Carpet with a puddle of standing water in the Preschool wing

Carpet with a puddle of standing water in the Preschool wingPreschool flooded

-frozen sprinkler part to blame

Extremely cold weather struck a terrible blow to Mount Olive Preschool during the week before Christmas. On Monday, Dec 19,  a frozen part of the fire protection sprinkler system in the attic triggered a fire alarm that turned on sprinklers causing ceilings to collapse and resulting in water damage, as several classrooms were flooded. Water even flowed along the hallway toward the office from the Preschool Wing.

We are waiting for the adjusters and contractors to repair and clean up the horrible mess. Workers for a local contractor swarmed over the site within an hour after Larry contacted them so repairs are getting off to a good start. Immediately they began working at getting everything dried out.


Construction Zone in Preschool Wing – Stay Out, Please

Please stay out of the Preschool wing until further notice so the workers can make it safe again.

Many, many thanks to Larry,  Linda, Darcy and all the clean-up crew.School hallway with puddles on the carpet

Bathroom with the ceiling crumbling and falling down









How soon will Preschool get back to their classrooms?

Larry said that the damage is extensive and the work required to repair the Preschool Wing, so that the Preschool staff and students can use the space again, will likely not be complete until sometime in February.


What will happen to the Preschool?

The Preschool classes will use Sunday School rooms, some of which, thank God, have been recently remodeled to increase their size for growing attendance in Mt. Olive’s Children’s Sunday School.