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Photo of a butter braid still in the pan it was cooked in

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Butter Braid Preschool fundraiser

They’re Back!!!  Our famous  Butter Braid Preschool fundraiser is here. Orders can be placed starting on October 12th through the  October 25th deadline. Delivery date is scheduled for November 14th, just in time to for the holidays.

Flavors this year: Cinnamon, Cherry, Apple, Cream Cheese, Raspberry, BlueberryPhoto of a butter braid still in the pan it was cooked in Cream Cheese and Caramel Rolls.

The Preschool also has several other fund raising events during the course of the school year for things that tuition does not cover, such as:

Playground Equipment

Christian Education Material

Basic Educational Supplies

Continuing Education for the Staff

Upgrades required by state and federal governmennts


Remember, you can always make a tax-deductible donation to your Preschool throughout the year. Make checks to Mt. Olive Preschool or Mt. Olive Church, marked clearly “Preschool Projects.” To give online select “Preschool Projects” as the fund.

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