Debt Reduction —St Paddys Party SUCCESS!

Three ladies standing in front of sheets covering items in Make a Deal game

People talking around a table with a green table cloth in the Fellowship Hall Saint Patrick’s Day

Party / Fund Raiser

Debt Reduction Event a
Huge Success


It was a delight­ful evening with a tra­di­tion­al Irish corned beef and cab­bage din­ner

and fun and fel­low­ship on Sat­ur­day, March 17, with many pre­cious and some price­less prizes won by raf­fle, through a spir­it­ed live auc­tion, or by par­tic­i­pat­ing in the excit­ing and hilar­i­ous “Let’s Make a Deal” game. Thank you! to all who joined us for the St. Paddy’s Day Din­ner in the Mt. Olive Fel­low­ship Hall, host­ed by the Stew­ard­ship Com­mit­tee.


Three ladies standing in front of sheets covering items in Make a Deal game

God moved hearts in an incred­i­ble way for this event’s suc­cess. We just want to give God all the glo­ry!

The first St. Paddy’s Day Par­ty raised over $8500.00, all of which went to reduce the prin­ci­pal on the Fel­low­ship Hall mort­gage.

What gen­er­ous dona­tions! Those funds going to reduce debt are such a won­der­ful bless­ing to all of us here at Mt. Olive. Thank God!

A green quilt hangs on the wall behind a table with homemade desserts

{Note: No expens­es were tak­en out of mon­eys raised at this event. All the cooked food was donat­ed by Thrivent. Desserts, prizes, beer, wine, props, and etc. were all donat­ed (often as need­ed by the mem­bers of the Stew­ard­ship Com­mit­tee). Every cent giv­en to the “Free Will Offer­ing” for din­ner, or paid for bev­er­ages, or spent on raf­fle tick­ets, or paid for auc­tion items, every bit of it went toward debt reduc­tion.}

Two men standing behind a table with a tub holding bottles








We espe­cial­ly want to send our heart­felt thanks to:

  • Colleen & Con­nie for the delight­ful desserts
  • Greg, chef for the deli­cious corned beef and cab­bage din­ner
  • Mal and Nik­ki for the Sea­hawks raf­fle tick­ets
  • Ter­ry for the home brewed craft beer
  • Quil­ters here at Mt Olive for the auc­tion items
  • Vern, our auc­tion­eer who calls the amounts and invites bids like a pro!


We, the Stew­ard­ship Com­mit­tee plan to con­tin­ue work­ing toward our goal of elim­i­nat­ing the debt (along with its more than $6,000 month­ly pay­ment) remain­ing from con­struc­tion of the Fel­low­ship Hall (2006–2007). One lady standing and two sitting at a table with a cash box and a roll of tickets

Yes, we need more peo­ple to help with this noble cause. It is dif­fi­cult to think of any one thing more ben­e­fi­cial to our church than being able to re-pur­pose the church resources con­sumed month­ly by this debt.

Thanks again! God bless you all!

Colette, Nan­cy, Tam­my & Mar­i­lyn

A Leprechaun jumping over a pot of gold with the words St Patricks Day

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