Debt Reduction —St Paddys Party SUCCESS!

Three ladies standing in front of sheets covering items in Make a Deal game

People talking around a table with a green table cloth in the Fellowship Hall Saint Patrick’s Day

Party / Fund Raiser

Debt Reduction Event a
Huge Success

Photo of people seated around tables in the Fellowship Hall.

Corned Beef and Cabbage

It was a delightful evening with a traditional Irish corned beef and cabbage dinner and fun and fellowship on Saturday, March 17, with many precious and some priceless prizes won by raffle, through a spirited live auction, or by participating in the exciting and hilarious “Let’s Make a Deal” game. Thank you! to all who joined us for the St. Paddy’s Day Dinner in the Mt. Olive Fellowship Hall, hosted by the Stewardship Committee.


Three ladies standing in front of sheets covering items in Make a Deal game

Huge Success

God moved hearts in an incredible way for this event’s success. We just want to give God all the glory!

The first St. Paddy’s Day Party raised over $8500.00, all of which went to reduce the principal on the Fellowship Hall mortgage.

What generous donations! Those funds going to reduce debt are such a wonderful blessing to all of us here at Mt. Olive. Thank God!

A green quilt hangs on the wall behind a table with homemade desserts

{Note: No expenses were taken out of moneys raised at this event. All the cooked food was donated by Thrivent. Desserts, prizes, beer, wine, props, and etc. were all donated (often as needed by the members of the Stewardship Committee). Every cent given to the “Free Will Offering” for dinner, or paid for beverages, or spent on raffle tickets, or paid for auction items, every bit of it went toward debt reduction.}

Two men standing behind a table with a tub holding bottles



We especially want to send our heartfelt thanks to:

  • Colleen & Connie for the delightful desserts
  • Greg, chef for the delicious corned beef and cabbage dinner
  • Mal and Nikki for the Seahawks raffle tickets
  • Terry for the home brewed craft beer
  • Quilters here at Mt Olive for the auction items
  • Vern, our auctioneer who calls the amounts and invites bids like a pro!
Goal: Eliminate the Debt

We, the Stewardship Committee plan to continue working toward our goal of eliminating the debt (along with its more than $6,000 monthly payment) remaining from construction of the Fellowship Hall (2006-2007).  One lady standing and two sitting at a table with a cash box and a roll of tickets

Help this Noble Cause

Yes, we need more people to help with this noble cause! It is difficult to think of any one thing more beneficial to our church than being able to re-purpose the church resources that are consumed each month by this debt.

Thanks again! God bless you all!

Colette, Nancy, Tammy & Marilyn

A Leprechaun jumping over a pot of gold with the words St Patricks Day


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