Shoe boxes reach Philippines & Mali

Photo of Philippine children with a poster telling about shoe boxes.

Photo of Sunday School children with their arms full of shoe boxes they are loading into a carChildren Received

the Shoe Boxes

Sunday School children here at Mt. Olive participated in “shoe box” packing through the Samaritan’s Purse’s “Operation Christmas Child.” Our Sunday School classes have put together these special gift packages at Christmas time for the past several years.

Record Number of “Shoe Boxes”

During the 2018 Christmas season, the Mt. Olive Sunday School children (with help from preschool friend donations) packed the largest number (41) of “Shoe Boxes” ever.

Photo of Philippine children with a poster telling about shoe boxes.
Philippine children opening Shoe Boxes
Packages Delivered —Mali & Philippines

We finally received word that the Lord has guided those 41 shoe boxes filled by our Sunday school children to two different places in the Philippines, to children in Mali, and children “in a hard to reach area!”

Please continue to pray for these children who will be impacted by this simple gift. And please pray that they are beginning their walk with Jesus because of it! 

Merry Christmas 2018. —Nancy Vanover

Photo of a shoe box full of a number of items and a paper laid on the table in front of the box


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