Media Tech Volunteer Needed —Urgent!

Photo of the front of Mt Olive with words displayed on the screen.

People Needed to Operate Power Point NOW!

Computer Operator Desperately Needed—

Have you noticed that recent sermons have not been recorded? That’s because we sometimes have nobody to operate the computer system.

MOMM: (Mt. Olive’s Multi Media) we are looking for those who might be interested in setting up and running the Power Point presentation for our Sunday worship services. We will provide training. 

The Need is Urgent

We don’t have anyone to operate the Power Point display during services or to record Pastor’s messages. Some of the people serving this critical ministry have moved away or they simply cannot serve in this capacity any longer. Consequently, recent sermons have not been recorded. Therefore, they are not available, as they have been on this website in the past, to members (and others) who might listen online.

No Words or Recordings

Our congregation is less well informed when the screen display is blank. For several years, we have displayed parts of our worship services on the screen. Things such as hymn lyrics, Bible readings, and sermon outlines are helpfully displayed. Often now, however, the screen is blank and dark. The sermons are no longer available on the website. Now those things are often not available because we don’t have anybody to operate the system.

Please Help

If you are interested, please contact Gary Treece or the church office.


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