Youth Going to Creation Museum and the Ark

Ark, giraffe and green field and blue skyMiddle and High School students Trip — Summer 2020

Mt. Olive Sunday School is planning an educational trip for the summer of 2020 with our Middle School/ High School students. We will be visiting the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter Park in Kentucky operated by the ministry of Answers in Genesis (AIG). We hope to partner with a sister LCMS congregation for a day of outreach and we also hope to attend Sunday Divine Service at their church.


Answers Bible Curriculum (ABC)

Our Sunday School students are approximately 9 months into a 3 year study of the whole Bible using AIG’s Creation Curriculum. So far we have focused on the early chapters of the book of Genesis, specifically The Creation through The Flood (Gen. ch 1-6).

Drawing of Jesus

Bible History Focused on Jesus

Our students are learning the truth of human history:

  • God’s perfect creation,
  • Adam and Eve,
  • Man’s fall into sin,
  • God’s promised Savior,
  • Cain and Abel,
  • Noah’s Flood,

with the focus always returning to Jesus Christ crucified for our sins and raised for our justification.

Photo of a Bible close-up
Human History — His Story — The Word of the Lord

Our goal is to teach our students that Biblical history IS human history. Despite what the world would offer as an alternative, God’s Word is true. It should be trusted from Genesis to the Gospels and all the way through the book of Revelation, because The Word of the LORD Endures Forever! VDMA.


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