Voter’s Meeting —well attended

The words, "Congregational Meeting" with a drawing of hands being raised.

Annual Congregation Meeting

The Mt. Olive congregation met together for the church’s annual Voter’s Meeting on Sunday, June 30, 2019 after our regular worship service.

Drawing of a church with a slot in the roof like a piggy bank and a hand putting a ballot in the slot with the words, "Annual Church Election."


Drawing of people with hands raised for voting and the words, "Our New Budget."

The Budget

Members discussed the budget and approved it after a motion to increase next year’s VBS budget amount to $4000 from $3000 was included. The increase is necessary to cover the costs of feeding the children who attend the VBS day camp.


Drawing of a ballot with 4 boxes and a hand with a pen checking one box with the words, "Election of Officers."

New Officers and Council Members

We elected new officers (Mike Closner, president, Mike Wilcox, treasurer) and new members of the Ministry Council (Tim Wheeler, Tammy Kubishta and Brian Rafferty).

Photo of three people
Mike presents a gift to Pastor Ken

25 Years as a Pastor

We finished the meeting with a celebration of Pastor Ken’s completion of 25 years in ministry as a pastor. Elders read several letters from leaders in other positions in the church as well as praising his dedication and service to our congregation.


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