Preschool or Childcare —Help needed

The words, "You able?" below a row of 6 gloves.

The words, "Can you lend a hand?" over a photo of a hand raised.

Preschool and Childcare Need Your Help

There are many ways to help with Mount Olive’s Preschool and Childcare ministries. One way our church members can support them is displayed in the Narthex.

Photo of a bulletin board paper tree covered with paper hands.Helping Hands Tree

The words, "Here's how to help" below a drawing a a bluebird with chicks.If you feel led to help the Preschool or Childcare, pick a hand from the tree. You can purchase the item and return it to the church, along with the hand identifying which class it goes to.

The words, "Thanks for your help!" with two hands clasped.Preschool Projects

Remember, you can always make a tax-deductible donation to your Preschool throughout the year. Make checks to Mt. Olive Preschool or Mt. Olive Church, marked clearly “Preschool Projects.” To give online select “Preschool Projects” as the fund.


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