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Ministry Opportunities

Mount Olive Lutheran Church is looking for several people to help with some crucial ministries where there is God’s work to be done. So, if you feel you could help, please let someone know what you are willing to do.

VOLUNTEERS & Helpers wanted now

MOMM: (Mt. Olive’s Multi Media) we are looking for those who might be interested in setting up and running the power point presentation for our Sunday worship services.

If you are interested, please contact Gary Treece or the church office.

Photo of woman playing the piano and another lady playing guitar with a few people behind singing with them.
Heavensong Praise Team sing during a worship service.
Heavensong – Praise Team

Looking to expand our worship team. We would love to have those of you who may have a special talent—playing an instrument or singing.

Poster showing simple drawings of people with mouths open holding music books and the words "Voices Needed"

If you feel like you would be interested, please sign-up on the sheet in the Narthex with Name, Phone Number, and Email. Our team would love to visit with you.   

Sunday School

Poster showing a woman looking at the Bible with the words "Teachers Needed"Sunday School builds up our children! We need volunteers to prepare and teach a lesson for the Sunday School children. Secondly, the quality of our Sunday School opportunities for children depends on volunteers. Finally, it follows that such programs attract families to our church so you can help spread the gospel by volunteering.

Please see Collette or Janis B. if you are interested in helping with this critical ministry.


We are looking for people who would be willing to help count the money and checks from the offering after worship services. If you are interested in helping with this crucial ministry, please see Nancy F. or Mal K.

Lawn Irrigation and Flower Bed Maintenance
Help Needed


We need people who are interested in helping with field irrigation this spring and summer. If you are interested please see or contact Larry or Linda Weyand 945-3732.

Flower bed workers

We need people to help maintain our flower beds (watering, weeding and dead heading).  Please contact Marilyn Hunter 966-3788 if you might be able to help keep up the appearance of our church.

Two women opening a bag on a table displaying a quilt.
Quilter Jo M. presents a quilt made by Mt. Olive quilters.

We make quilts that touch many lives. Our quilts are given to everybody who is baptized here at Mount Olive. We also send quilts to people around the world through foreign missions. And we provide quilts to the people at the local hospice facilities here in Yakima.

Mt Olive Sanctuary from above with multi-colored quilts on the backs of all the pewsThe Mt. Olive Quilters need helpers!!!  We make quilts for MANY non-profit organizations in Yakima plus others across the world.  We would love to have you join us.  

Experience not Required

You don’t even need to be able to use a sewing machine to learn quilting. We meet in the quilter’s room from 10:00 AM on Wednesdays until noon. Please consider joining us.  We will train you in what to do.  We hope you will join us in this powerful ministry.A green quilt hangs on the wall behind a table with homemade desserts

Help Preschool!

Pasta for Parents: We are searching for a few people who would be interested in helping with this amazing Preschool Event. If you can help with this event, please contact Patty B. Actually, there are several other events that we need volunteers for. Contact the office to help the Preschool in other ways. 

Photo of colorful sea creature sculptures made by the preschool children.
Pasta for Parents table decorations were made by the children.

Writers and Photographers – Content Providers

The church website needs photographs and stories for quality articles at Your phone will take great pictures and writing a paragraph about your ministry takes only a few minutes.


The internet is so obviously a key avenue for reaching out to others that everyone understands its importance nowadays.  Please help reach others inside and outside our church: Sharing a few of your photos for the church’s web site and write a few lines to let people know about activities and opportunities that are available.


Please help! Invite and encourage participation in church ministries or activities by writing a brief story about any church activity or ministry.

Contact: Terry Fortier 509-966-8482/

Other Opportunities

Often, even when there is no listing for a specific position, our church still needs your help. Enrich your own life by helping others. Opportunities to contribute your time and talents are abundant. Please do not hesitate to offer to help where you see that it might be needed, or to propose a ministry that you want to help with. Please visit, call or write:

Mt. Olive Lutheran Church

7809 Tieton Dr.

Yakima, WA 98908



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