Mt. Olive’s Vision

Mt. Olive Lutheran Church Vision

Vision is not about reality or what is; vision is about our dreams, aspirations, and what could be.

At Mt. Olive Lutheran Church, we dream of a place where forgiveness is proclaimed and practiced, where positive attitudes are developed, where hurts are healed, life lessons learned, and friendships nourished.

We dream of a place where the hurting, the depressed, the frustrated and confused can find love, acceptance, help, hope, forgiveness, guidance, and encouragement.

We dream of becoming “Contagious Christians” who take and share the Good News of Christ with the residents of Yakima and the surrounding communities.

We dream of equipping all Christians for their unique ministries by helping them discover the gifts and talents God has given them to serve and glorify our Savior.

We dream of children eager to learn God’s word, and so excited to attend church that they wake their parents on Sunday mornings.  We see smiles and hear laughter of infants, children, and young adults in a safe, loving, spiritual community.

We dream of passionate leaders, gifted teachers, and eager workers, serving Christ in Sunday school, Wednesday evenings, youth ministry, preschool and child care where moms and dads entrust us with their most treasured blessings, their children.

We dream of Mt. Olive being a family where excellence is expected and creativity is evident, where seeds of faith are planted in infants, nourished in children, bud in youth, and blossom in adults.

Come be a part of this great adventure…


To develop devoted disciples by reaching, building and sending.

Sermon Series on our Mission Statement

“How to become a Reaching, Building and Sending Church”