Mt. Olive’s Vision

Drawing of a group of about a dozen people in front of a simple church and the words Mt. Olive Lutheran Church Vision

Vision is not about real­i­ty or what is; vision is about our dreams, aspi­ra­tions, and what could be.

At Mt. Olive Luther­an Church, we dream of a place where for­give­ness is pro­claimed and prac­ticed, where pos­i­tive atti­tudes are devel­oped, where hurts are healed, life lessons learned, and friend­ships nour­ished.

We dream of a place where the hurt­ing, the depressed, the frus­trat­ed and con­fused can find love, accep­tance, help, hope, for­give­ness, guid­ance, and encour­age­ment.

We dream of becom­ing “Con­ta­gious Chris­tians” who take and share the Good News of Christ with the res­i­dents of Yaki­ma and the sur­round­ing com­mu­ni­ties.

We dream of equip­ping all Chris­tians for their unique min­istries by help­ing them dis­cov­er the gifts and tal­ents God has giv­en them to serve and glo­ri­fy our Sav­ior.

We dream of chil­dren eager to learn God’s word, and so excit­ed to attend church that they wake their par­ents on Sun­day morn­ings.  We see smiles and hear laugh­ter of infants, chil­dren, and young adults in a safe, lov­ing, spir­i­tu­al com­mu­ni­ty.

We dream of pas­sion­ate lead­ers, gift­ed teach­ers, and eager work­ers, serv­ing Christ in Sun­day school, Wednes­day evenings, youth min­istry, preschool and child care where moms and dads entrust us with their most trea­sured bless­ings, their chil­dren.

We dream of Mt. Olive being a fam­i­ly where excel­lence is expect­ed and cre­ativ­i­ty is evi­dent, where seeds of faith are plant­ed in infants, nour­ished in chil­dren, bud in youth, and blos­som in adults.

Come be a part of this great adven­ture…



To devel­op devot­ed dis­ci­ples by reach­ing, build­ing and send­ing.


Sermon Series on our Mission Statement

How to become a Reach­ing, Build­ing and Send­ing Church”



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