New to Mt. Olive?


We’re glad you found us and we’re excited to get to know you!

We invite you to join us for worship and Bible class on Sunday mornings in order to discover more about the hope we have in Jesus Christ.

Mount Olive Lutheran Church – LCMS is designed to serve both Christians and those who might consider themselves spiritual seekers.  It’s a safe place for people who are looking for answers to their spiritual questions and simply want to check out Christianity.

It’s also a place where forgiveness is proclaimed and practiced, where positive attitudes are developed, where hurts are healed, life’s lessons are learned and friendships nourished.

Guests are always welcome!

I’m a visitor… what can I expect?

What is the Worship service like?

You do not need any special knowledge or experience. Everything you need to follow the service is displayed on the large screen or printed in the bulletin which is handed out as you enter. We do stand up at certain times and sit down at other times but always clearly announced.

Please stay after service for coffee, refreshements, and fellowship.

Photo of a lady talking with two girls in the Sanctuary before the worship service.

What is the music like?

Our worship team leads the singing during our worship services. We worship with a variety of musical styles, including everything from beloved hymns to current worship artists.

Photo of a woman playing the piano and another lady playing guitar with a few people behind singing with them.

How should I dress?

Our congregation varies widely in how they dress so you would be comfortable in a suit and tie or casual clothing.

Should I give during offering?

Part of the service involves collection of tithes and offerings for the support of the church’s building and programs. (Our church is completely self-supporting.) Please do not feel pressured to put anything into the collection plate.

What is communion all about and do I participate?

Holy Communion is for those who believe as we do in this Sacrament of the Altar. We believe it is the true body and blood of Jesus Christ, in, with, and under the bread and the wine, given for the forgiveness of our sins. Please contact our pastor or talk to an elder to learn more. We welcome your questions and interest.

What about Small Children?

First and foremost, we want you to know, We love you and your children.  You and your family are welcome to join us in worship.  We provide a Nursery for younger children (0-5 year old) during the Sunday worship service. The nursery is not staffed so children must be accompanied by a parent or other responsible adult.

Sunday School for the children is after the Worship Service on Sundays, the same time as the Adult Bible Study.

Special needs?

Handicapped parking is conveniently located near the main entrance.

We have set aside space for wheelchairs beside the pews in a few rows to make those in a wheelchair feel as included as possible.

Hearing support is available with headsets for anyone who needs that.

Any of the elders will be glad to assist you.