Why Not Visit?

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Guests are WELCOME!


You are not too bad to come in. You are not too good to stay out.

Please come and be our guest. You are more than welcome to join any of our activities or worship services. In fact, more than simply inviting you, we are expecting you to come!Photo of a yellow globular flower with a dragonfly on it and the words

Worship Service Times


Con­tain an out­line of the wor­ship ser­vice, hope­ful­ly includ­ing the next upcom­ing Sun­day.

Our church is a hospital for sinners, not a museum for saints.

Singing dur­ing our wor­ship ser­vices is led by a group we call Heav­en­song. The list below con­tains many exam­ples of music that we use.

Favorite Hymns and Songs


No Pressure

LCMS Cross in blue and the words Mount Olive Lutheran Church (LCMS) is designed to serve both Christians and those who might consider themselves spiritual seekers.  It’s a safe place for people who are looking for answers to their spiritual questions, and simply want to check out Christianity without anyone pressuring them.  It’s also a place where forgiveness is proclaimed and practiced, where positive attitudes are developed, where hurts are healed, life’s lessons are learned and friendships nourished.

Guests are always wel­come .…

What to expect? Drawing of hands open to hold a dove and the words

As our guest at wor­ship ser­vice, bible study, or potluck meal, you will be wel­comed with­out being sin­gled out or put in the spot­light. We have a guest book where you can leave a record of your vis­it, but it is not nec­es­sary to sign in.

You do not need any spe­cial knowl­edge or expe­ri­ence. Every­thing you need to fol­low the ser­vice is print­ed in the bul­letin which is hand­ed out as you enter or it is dis­played on the large screen. We do stand up at cer­tain times and sit down at oth­er times but always clear­ly announced, (We only kneel at the com­mu­nion rail.) so you can be com­fort­able know­ing that no spe­cial knowl­edge is need­ed.

How to Dress?

Our con­gre­ga­tion varies wide­ly in how they dress so you would be com­fort­able in a suit and tie or casu­al cloth­ing.

 Will I Be Asked for Money?

Part of the ser­vice involves col­lec­tion of offer­ings for the sup­port of the church’s build­ing and pro­grams. (Our church is com­plete­ly self-sup­port­ing.) Our guests, how­ev­er, are expect­ed not to con­tribute any­thing at all.  Please do not feel pres­sured to put any­thing into the col­lec­tion plate. {In fact, many mem­bers (who do con­tribute) may not put any­thing in—perhaps because they give on a month­ly basis etc.}


What about Small Children?

Sun­day School for the chil­dren is after the Wor­ship Ser­vice on Sun­days, the same time as the Adult Bible Study.

Child Care and a Nurs­ery are avail­able for younger chil­dren dur­ing the Sun­day ser­vice.

*All of these things may not be avail­able dur­ing the sum­mer months of June, July and August.

Worship Schedule

Special needs?

Hand­i­capped park­ing is con­ve­nient­ly locat­ed near the main entrance.

Space is set aside for wheel­chairs beside the pews in a few rows to make those in a wheel­chair feel as includ­ed as pos­si­ble.

Hear­ing sup­port is avail­able with head­sets for any­one who needs.

Any of the elders will be glad to assist you.

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