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With the uni­ver­sal Chris­t­ian Church, Mt. Olive Luther­an Church, as a mem­ber of The Luther­an Church—Missouri Syn­od (LCMS), teach­es and responds to the love of the Tri­une God: the Father, cre­ator and sus­tain­er of all that exists; Jesus Christ, the Son, who became human to suf­fer and die for the sins of all human beings and to rise to life again in the ulti­mate vic­to­ry over death and Satan; and the Holy Spir­it, who cre­ates faith through God’s Word and Sacra­ments. The three per­sons of the Trin­i­ty are coequal and coeter­nal, one God.

Being “Luther­an,” our con­gre­ga­tion accepts and teach­es the Bible-based teach­ings of Mar­tin Luther that inspired the ref­or­ma­tion of the Chris­t­ian Church in the 16th cen­tu­ry.

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The teach­ings of Luther and the reform­ers can be sum­ma­rized in three short phras­es: Grace alone, Scrip­ture alone, Faith alone.

Latin words in colors: Sola Gratia, grace alone; Sola Fide, Faith alone; Sola Scriptura, Scripture Alone








Grace alone God loves the peo­ple of the world, even though they are sin­ful, rebel against Him and do not deserve His love.  He sent Jesus, His Son, to love the unlov­able and seek and to save the lost.


Scrip­ture alone The Bible is God’s inerrant and infal­li­ble Word, in which He revealsA cloud above the bible on a black background with the words

sal­va­tion through Jesus Christ.  It is the sole rule and norm for Chris­t­ian doc­trine.


Faith alone By His suf­fer­ing and death as the sub­sti­tute for all peo­ple of all time, Jesus pur­chased and won for­give­ness and eter­nal life for us.  Those who hear this Good News and believe it have the eter­nal life that it offers.  God cre­ates faith in Christ and gives peo­ple for­give­ness through Him.

Mt Olive Church from the street cropped to show only the peak of the sacntuary A-frame with the LCMS cross





Luther’s Small Cat­e­chism (Ger­man: Der Kleine Kat­e­chis­mus) was writ­ten by Mar­tin Luther and pub­lished in 1529 for the train­ing of chil­dren. Luther’s Small Cat­e­chism reviews the Ten Com­mand­mentsthe Apos­tles’ Creedthe Lord’s Prayerthe Sacra­ment of Holy Bap­tismthe Office of the Keys and Con­fes­sion and the Sacra­ment of the Eucharist. It is includ­ed in the Book of Con­cord as an author­i­ta­tive state­ment of what Luther­ans believe. The Small Cat­e­chism is wide­ly used today in Luther­an church­es as part of youth edu­ca­tion and Con­fir­ma­tion. -Wikipedia



Luther­an Hour Min­istries (LHM) is well known, of course, for their name­sake week­ly radio pro­gram. LHM also pro­vides many oth­er infor­ma­tive resources. The link below is anoth­er ver­sion of the sum­ma­ry of beliefs shared by LCMS Luther­ans.

What Lutherans Believe -LHM


Our church con­sti­tu­tion also states some of our beliefs.


Click on this link to view.

Mt. Olive Lutheran Church Constitution and Bylaws

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