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Israelites crossing a river carrying the Ark of the Covenant and the words

Entering Rest -2017 Jan 22

Enter­ing Rest      Deuteron­o­my 6:10–12 Jan­u­ary 22, 2017, part 7 of the series “Who is this man Jesus?”       Rev. Ken­neth L. Williamson    

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A girl putting a band-aid on a dog with the words

First-Aid Class -Saturday

First-Aid Train­ing Class Cer­ti­fied First-Aid train­ing will be offered right here at Mt. Olive Luther­an Church. This class is for any­one want­i­ng to renew your card or become cer­ti­fied.  …

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Pastor Ken’s Installation

On Sun­day Feb­ru­ary 16, 2014 @ 5:00 P.M. we held the Instal­la­tion Ser­vice for our new Pas­tor here at Mt. Olive,  Rev. Ken­neth Williamson. Pas­tor Ken comes to us from Cal­vary Luther­an Church in…

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Jesus in front of Lazurus' open tomb,

One You Love is Sick! —2018 Sept 23

One You Love is Sick!             “Noth­ing gets the atten­tion of an unbe­liev­er more than a Chris­t­ian suf­fer­ing suc­cess­ful­ly.  .  .  .” —Pas­tor Ken    …

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Poster with flag design of stripes and stars with the words

Presidents Day —Office Closed Monday

Office Closed Mon­day —Pres­i­dents Day —No Preschool & No Child­care Pres­i­dents Day —Office Closed —No Preschool —No Child­care The Mt. Olive church office, the Preschool and the Child­care will all be…

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