Vocabulary —Narthex

The Narthex is the entry space to enter the Sanctuary for worship. It is a space where all the worshipers gather together before and after service.  In the early days of the Church, it was a ‘waiting area’ for catechumens and penitents. Today it serves as gathering space as well as the entrance and exit to the building.

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Group of children with white robes and the words "Kudos to our confirmands"

Vocabulary —Confirmation

At Mount Olive Lutheran Church it is our custom to offer classes for children in middle school that lead up to their being confirmed into membership in our congregation.

The ceremony on Confirmation Sunday:

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Three concentric circles with a cross in the center and the words "WITNESS . LIFE TOGETHER . MERCY" around the image

LCMS Web Sites

The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod includes a number of important organizations that are very relevant to our members and this page lists their websites. Laborers for Christ help churches by building, The Lutheran Witness provides information to our members through their magazine, The Lutheran Hour and KFUO Radio keep us informed, The Lutheran Extension Fund provides loans to help congregations build.

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An internet poster with the words "Local Links"

Lutheran Churches in Yakima

Lutherans who have lived in the Yakima area often have friends and relatives who attend another local Lutheran church. When people have connections of this type they are often quite aware of other congregations in the area and sometimes visit other churches as well. This list provides links to Yakima Valley church websites as well as names and addresses.

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Lutheran Hour Ministeries logo

Lutheran Hour —Radio or Online

The Lutheran Hour Ministries offers much more than the weekly broadcast that is their namesake. Their devotionals are excellent and they also offer many other outstanding resources and materials.

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Sketch representing computer connections and the words "Check out these links"


Resource items listed are included for your use and convenience. Things listed here have sometimes been featured on the Mt. Olive web site. Those items may be saved on this list if they seem to hold potential for long-term interest

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