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Painting of Jesus with a few disciples at a round table with a pitcher, plates, glasses and bread with the words, "Maundy Thursday."

Easter’s near! —Maundy Thursday Worship

Maundy Thursday is the Thursday before Easter. We take time on this day to remember the Last Supper, when Jesus and his disciples dined together for the last time before his death. We invite you to join us for our worship service to commemorate the Last Supper.

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A man posting paper on the door of the church

Reformation Sunday —9:00 AM Worship

Of course, everyone knows that Luther started the Reformation by posting his famous 95 theses on the door of the church in Wittenberg. What were the main issues? An indulgence was a promise that the pope could declare you forgiven of your sins so your time in Purgatory was either cut short or eliminated (if you paid enough). Luther saw grave problems with this practice.

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Drawing of Jesus' hand touching a hand that is covered with sores and the words "Jesus Heals the Leper." -Matt 8:2

An Empathetic Heart — 2019 Mar 31

Consider your hands, look at them. Hands can be instruments of good. To clean the leper, Jesus reached out His hand and touched the man but it was Jesus’ word that healed, not the touch.

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Photo of a group of 3-year-old children on the stage in front of a large yellow sun background in the Fellowship Hall.

Preschool 3-year-old Spring Show —23 May Thurs

The 3-year-olds will finish up their preschool year with an incredible public performance in the Mount Olive Fellowship Hall. Mark your calendars, we hope to see you there. You will not want to miss this display of 3-year-old talent!

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Sincere Heart —2019 May 19

Why do we tolerate such dishonesty? One reason is we don’t like the truth. Secondly, not only do we not like the truth, we don’t trust the truth. . . . The wages of sin is still death. . . . The cure for deceit is simply this: tell the truth.

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Drawing of a cave with a round stone beside the door and the words, "Empty Tomb"

Good Tidings from Graveyard on Easter — 2019 April 21

On Easter morning the women went to the tomb. They were in mourning and they were expecting to find the dead body of Jesus. They came to weep. Instead they left rejoicing after seeing the empty grave and after hearing the announcement from the angel that Jesus has risen.

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