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Still water with the words of John 14:6

Holy Trinity —2018 May 27

2018 May 27 Would you like to listen to another sermon? Try the sermon files. Archives pages are more complete.   2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 taf2019

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Man an woman dressed in jewish robes holding a baby and smiling with the words "Simeon and Anna see Jesus"

Messy, but Glorious —2017 Dec 31

Messy, but Glorious “Si” —2017 Dec 31 Based on Luke 2:22-52 Note: Pastor Jack presented this message to a full sanctuary at Mt. Olive Lutheran Church on the morning of…

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Camp Hope

Mt. Olive members prepare and serve food at Camp Hope once a month. This is a lot of work and we need more volunteers to sign-up. Please join us in this rewarding ministry.

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Photo of the sun rising over water with the words, "Sunrise Service."

Easter Sunday Sunrise Worship 7 AM

Two worship services at Mount Olive Lutheran Church will make Easter Sunday a joyful celebration of Jesus’ resurrection about 2000 years ago. He is risen! He is risen, indeed! Hallelujah!

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Miracles on Palm Sunday — 2019 April 14

How could it be that the Jewish students of the Old Testament, the priests and the scribes, who had memorized, and could have recited verbatim, what Zechariah said about the coming of the Messiah, have missed the moment when it was fulfilled before their eyes?
Do you know that it is possible to write a very complete story, His story of the life of the Lord Jesus Christ, just using the Old Testament? . . . . You can take all the prophecies that are written in the Old Testament, without ever reading the New Testament, put them down in the right order and you would essentially have the same story.

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