February 22, 2020 @ 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Mt. Olive Lutheran Church
7809 Tieton Dr
Yakima, WA 98908

Where: Mt Olive Fellowship Hall

Cost: Free; Lunch provided – RSVP by February 20th by calling or texting 509-833-9725

Lutheran Hour Ministries and the Barna Group have partnered to research the state of Spiritual Conversations in the Digital Age. This research has produced powerful insights about the nature of spiritual conversations and has led to two simple, powerful tools for Christians who want to grow in their witness. These tools are presented in a two-part engaging workshop filled with helpful insights, inspiring stories, and practical guidance.

Jesus called His disciples to go as witnesses throughout the world (see Acts 1:8). But how do you do that when more and more of us every year are reluctant to even talk about our faith in everyday life? The latest research has revealed five key characteristics shared by Christians who are comfortable, and even eager, to talk about their faith. The first part of the workshop will help you discover this important EAGER Profile, assess your own readiness for witness, and make a spiritual growth plan.

Paul encouraged all Christians to wisely discern “how to answer” each non-Christian in their life (see Colossians 4). But how exactly do we do that in an age where many non-Christians have experienced “church hurt” and don’t show any interest in Jesus at all? The second part of the workshop will help you discover the simple but revolutionary wisdom tool that can help you discern how to talk with the non-Christians God has put in your life.

Join us for a lively workshop that will present timely practical tools that equip you to become an effective witness for Jesus.