Advent Soup Supper / Worship —6 pm Wednesday

A chef with a wooden spoon in his hand and the words "Please Join Us!"

the words "soup's on" with the letter u filled like a bowl with steaming red soupWednesday Advent Worship Service

Christmas is coming! While we joyfully await the coming of the Lord . . .

Please join us to share in fellowship with our Mt. Olive Church family and enjoy a delicious variety of homemade soups and desserts on Wednesday evenings during the Advent Season.

Soup pot and ladle & the words "Soup Dinner" spelled by noodles in the soup

Advent Soup Supper

During the weeks leading up to Christmas Day we gather midweek in the Fellowship Hall for a delicious soup supper each Wednesday at 6:00 PM.

Place setting at a table with knife, fork, spoon, water glass, roll on a separate plate and the words "Advent Supper"

Of course, visitors are more than welcome!

The soup supper features a variety of hearty, delicious homemade soups, with bread and desserts that fill a long table.

Several stars and the moon on a dark blue background and the words "Wednesday Evening Worship"


Advent Worship

Then after supper, we will move to the Sanctuary for the 7:00 PM Advent Worship Service.

A chef with a wooden spoon in his hand and the words "Please Join Us!"


A Christmas Carol for the season:

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Home Free – A Cappella


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