Bible Study —Brown Bag —Wed noon

Photo of Pastor Ken and a few of the people sitting in chairs.

Photo of a couple of Bibles open beside a coffee cup with the words, "Be fed."

 Lunch and Learn —Wednesday

The Brown Bag Lunch Bible Study Group meets at 12:00 Noon on Wednesdays from September through May.

Photo of people seated at tables with Bibles open.

Informal Lunch Hour

Usually the meeting lasts until 1:00 PM. Men and women both participate in this lively and informal group. 

Drawing of a paper bag with the words, "Bible study with Pastor."

Led by Pastor

Pastor Ken leads the Brown Bag Bible Study.

Photo of people seated at round tables with their Bibles open.

Now Studying

Currently we are studying Philemon. Colossians will be the next book we are planning to study.

Photo of sandwiches closeup with a toothpick in each and the words, "Lunch with the Pastor."


Photo of a young lady with long blond hair eating a sandwich with the words, "Brown Bag Bible Study."


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