Bible Study —Kneeling Camels —2nd & 4th Mondays


Painting of a camel's neck and head against a fantastic starry sky.The Kneeling Camels Bible study group meets at Mount Olive Lutheran Church on the second and fourth Mondays of each month at 1:00 PM in the back of the Fellowship Hall.

We usually follow a study guide that we purchase according to the members’s choices. We regularly move from one Bible study to another, usually spending several weeks to finish. Currently, we are following a study of Romans that lasts several weeks.

The words, "Bible Study" in a circle design over an open Bible.

We invite you to please join us for an informative and exciting time. By the way, at each of our meetings we always feature coffee and snacks.

Photo of several ladies seated at a big table with Bibles open.
Kneeling Camels Bible Study group engaged with the book of Romans.

For information contact Barb Amstutz (509-424-3232).

Drawing of three camels with elaborate, colorful bridles.

In case you wonder how we named our Bible study group:

      The Kneeling Camel

The camel, at the close of day

      Kneels down upon the sandy plain

To have his burden lifted off

            And rest to gain.

My soul, thou too shouldst to thy knees

      When daylight draweth to a close,

And let thy Master lift thy load

            And grant repose:

Else how canst thou tomorrow meet,

      With all tomorrow’s work to do,

If thou thy burden all the night

            Dost carry through?

The camel kneels at break of day

      To have his guide replace his load,

Then rises up again to take

            The desert road.

So thou shouldst kneel at morning’s dawn

      That God may give thee daily care,

Assured that He no load too great

            Will make thee bear.

                        ~ Anna Temple

Photo of a camel's head lying in the sand.


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