Christmas Eve —Candlelight Worship — 6 pm

Photo of a lighted candle with a paper circle to catch the wax

Man and a woman singing and holding candles with the words, "Candlelight worship service."

Candlelight Worship Service

—6:00 PM Tuesday

Christmas Eve

Dec. 24th

Please join us for one Candlelight Service to be held on Christmas Eve. The candlelight service invites and encourages our congregation to quietly reflect and pray together as we await His arrival on Christmas. 

The words, "Christmas Eve candlelight service" in a photo of several lighted candles.


Photo inside a church in the dark with people holding candles for light.

Finding the Meaning of a Candlelight Service

People find special meaning in a candlelight worship service because of the symbolism of light and darkness. When candles are lit, one by one, it is symbolic of spreading a message [the light] or support from one person to another. The candlelight service calms people by escaping the distraction of everything going on in the world around us, especially at Christmas time. Surrounded by darkness and the glowing of candles, people have the opportunity to reflect on the reason for the gathering.


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