Christmas Eve —Candlelight Worship —Tuesday 6 pm

Photo of a lighted candle with a paper circle to catch the wax

A hand holding a lighted candle with the light brightening and dimming with the words "Candlelight Service"Candlelight Worship Service

—6 PM TuesdayChurch against a starry night sky and the words "Christmas Eve Service"
Christmas Eve
Dec. 24th

Please join us for one Can­dle­light Ser­vice to be held on Christ­mas Eve. The can­dle­light ser­vice invites and encour­ages our con­gre­ga­tion to qui­et­ly reflect and pray togeth­er as we await His arrival on Christ­mas. 

6:00 PM Candlelight Service


A star with the words "Christmas Eve"


Photo inside a church in the dark with people holding candles for light.

Finding the Meaning of a Candlelight Service

Peo­ple find spe­cial mean­ing in a can­dle­light wor­ship ser­vice because of the sym­bol­ism of light and dark­ness. When can­dles are lit, one by one, it is sym­bol­ic of spread­ing a mes­sage [the light] or sup­port from one per­son to anoth­er. The can­dle­light ser­vice calms peo­ple by escap­ing the dis­trac­tion of every­thing going on in the world around us, espe­cial­ly at Christ­mas time. Sur­round­ed by dark­ness and the glow­ing of can­dles, peo­ple have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to reflect on the rea­son for the gath­er­ing.


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