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Campaign for Debt Reduction

The Stew­ard­ship com­mit­tee is  in the process of form­ing a task force to come upThe words

with ideas and strate­gies to reduce the out­stand­ing debt on our build­ing [the new Fel­low­ship Hall]. Pay­ing off the debt would free up mon­ey that could be used for min­istry, instead of mort­gage pay­ments.


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If you are inter­est­ed in help­ing please join us for a short meet­ing on Sun­day, Octo­ber 21st, after church in the Fire­side Room.




Please con­tact Mar­i­lyn Hunter, Nan­cy Forti­er or Tam­my Kubish­ta if you have any ques­tions.


The Past

This debt was incurred to build the new Fel­low­ship Hall wing which was com­plet­ed in 2008.

The only choice our church has is how to pay that debt.

What is the best stew­ard­ship prac­tice to deal with this indebt­ed­ness?


The Future

Elim­i­nat­ing or reduc­ing debt is about chang­ing the future of the church. It is about chang­ing the church’s finan­cial pic­ture so it can invest more finan­cial resources in min­istry rather than in debt ser­vice.

It is about effec­tive­ly free­ing the church to make future fund­ing deci­sions.

Improv­ing the debt posi­tion of our church will not just impact min­istry for two or three years; it will posi­tion the church finan­cial­ly to invest in min­istry for the next 10, 20, or 30 years.

Reduc­ing or elim­i­nat­ing debt is sim­ply good stew­ard­ship, and a wise step








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