A man bent over by a huge load in a bag with the word "DEBT" on the bag

Campaign for Debt Reduction

The Stewardship committee is  in the process of forming a task force to come upThe words "CAMPAIGN Update" with fireworks shooting up from the letter "I" with ideas and strategies to reduce the outstanding debt on our building [the new Fellowship Hall]. Paying off the debt would free up money that could be used for ministry, instead of mortgage payments.


Three bags with $ and the words "Debt Reduction"



If you are interested in helping please join us for a short meeting on Sunday, October 21st, after church in the Fireside Room.




Please contact Marilyn Hunter, Nancy Fortier or Tammy Kubishta if you have any questions.


The Past

This debt was incurred to build the new Fellowship Hall wing which was completed in 2008.

The only choice our church has is how to pay that debt.

What is the best stewardship practice to deal with this indebtedness?


The Future

Eliminating or reducing debt is about changing the future of the church. It is about changing the church’s financial picture so it can invest more financial resources in ministry rather than in debt service.

It is about effectively freeing the church to make future funding decisions.

Improving the debt position of our church will not just impact ministry for two or three years; it will position the church financially to invest in ministry for the next 10, 20, or 30 years.

Reducing or eliminating debt is simply good stewardship, and a wise step








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