Feed 5000 Packaging Day -Sept 22

One lady packager with others around her

   PACKAGING DAY is September 22, 2018

for Feeding the 5000

-Packaging culminates a year of Fund Raising by combining the ingredients and putting the meals together ready to be shipped to one of the countries where children will benefit.

People with aprons around a table putting ingredients together using a funnel in the centerPackaging day is the culminating event of the year-long efforts to raise money that goes to buy the ingredients that go into meal packages.  Many preparations and arrangements must be made during the last week before packaging day, on a Saturday in the Spring each year AND last minute donations of money frequently come in during the last days also.  Actually getting the food prepared, boxed and loaded into the truck for shipment is only part of the work to be done.

Volunteers are needed to work from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

TRANSPORTATION: All the materials and ingredients are shipped to Yakima and stored in a local warehouse until packaging day when the must be delivered to Mt. Olive on Friday the day before packaging.


FORKLIFT: A forklift, borrowed locally, is brought to Mt Olive on Friday.A forklift moving pallets full of cardboard boxes





Photo of Fellowship Hall showing tables arranged in a circle



FRIDAY SET UP: The walls need to be opened up in the fellowship hall and chairs are stacked on the sides of the big room. Children of the Nations (COTN) staff decide how to arrange the tables in the fellowship hall. (It seems that the circle configuration has worked well in the past.) The temperature needs to be set cooler in the fellowship hall so it does not get too hot while we are working in there.

FRIDAY EVENING MEAL: Volunteers host the evening meal at their home for the COTN folks, as well as those who have helped set up, and the other volunteers who are welcoming COTN staff to stay at their homes on Friday night. (The hosts should provide a small Saturday breakfast for the COTN staff staying with them.)

One lady packager with others around herSATURDAY START TIME: shifts start at 9am. COTN staff will try to be there by 8am. Someone will need to have coffee ready by then.




SATURDAY FOOD: Snacks & beverages need to be arranged for all the packagers.

RECEPTION: Volunteers manage the sign up lists for varying shifts during the day.  Sign up lists should include people’s email addresses.

CLEAN UP: Volunteers are always needed and welcome to help clean up. (Shop vacs are ready to go in the utility closets.)

PACKAGERS: We divide the number of meals for each shift by the number of packagers Each of the ingredients is shown in different size measuring cups over z yellow funnelwe tentatively have signed up by Friday.

PRAYER: Please keep the COTN staff in your prayers for safe travel to & from Yakima. Please pray that all the logistics of the packaging day will go well & that there won’t be too many hiccoughs. Finally, please pray that God will be glorified & that all who are involved in this packaging day will be blessed, the packagers and the children we will be feeding.

Group of people sitting with arms raised and standing around a huge pile of boxes with a Poster "Yakima Feeds 73,000"
Packaging Day Cheer!







Cartoon showing Sunday School teacher with children and these words: "No, Henry, The 'Feeding of the Five Thousand' is not another one of the pastor's fish stories."


Photo of forklift and truck loading
Our meals being loaded for shipment to Malawi from Children of the Nations warehouse.

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