Life Choices —Bring Bottles by Mar 24 —Thanks for helping Mom’s & babies!

Photo of a woman holding a small boy above her and kissing him on the cheek with the words, "The gift of life."

Photo of a Life Choices baby bottle with the words, "God's Gift" on the bottle.

Baby Bottle Campaign Kicked Off Feb 24

On Sunday, February 24th we will began our month-long campaign to raise money for Life Choices of Yakima, through our participation in their annual Baby Bottle Campaign. Mt. Olive has helped raise funds for for Life Choices Pregnancy Medical Center each year for several years now.

Save Babies

Many people took the plastic bottles home to fill them with money (coins and paper) for this yearly campaign for raising money to save babies from abortion.

Compass point design with the words, "LifeChoices pregnancy medical center"

Life Choices Pregnancy Center

Life Choices is a pregnancy medical center operating under the license of a medical doctor in the State of Washington. We understand that life doesn’t always turn out the way you thought it would. We provide medical information and services in a compassionate and caring environment to those concerned they may be pregnant or considering abortion services.

**All of our services are no charge and completely confidential**

Drawing of a butterfly with the words, "Choose Life. Deuteronomy 30:19"

Fill-up Bottles with Cash, then Return Bottles

Please take one bottle or a couple of bottles home with you. Then, fill the bottle/s with the coins (paper money and checks are also accepted) you have been saving at home.

Return full baby bottles Anytime

Please be sure to return the full bottles to the church anytime. Finally, this fund-raising campaign runs through March 24th, so please try to return all the bottles by that Sunday. Will they be accepted later? Yes, of course.

Photo of a woman holding a little boy above her and kissing his cheek with the words, "The Gift of Life."

You Save Lives of Unborn Babies

Every life you save is important to Jesus. Thank you for helping our moms and unborn babies!

Any questions, contact Nancy Dexter 969-1317 or Debbie Armstrong 969-8468.



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