Bible Study —Padre’s Bible & Brews —Tues 4 June

A man with a bible and a cross in the background with the words "Men's Bible Study"

Drawing of a man standing with people in a chair and on stools and the words "Padre Bible & Brews"

Relaxed Atmosphere —Pub Bible Study

The pub atmosphere is relaxed and informal. Pastor Ken leads the Bible study with topics that are inspiring and interesting. 

Silhouettes of men talking and gesturing against a light background with the words "Men's Group."

Christian Men’s Fellowship and Bible Study

Please join our group of Christian men as we gather for fellowship and to learn more about God’s Word with Pastor Ken. The men’s group usually finds a table in a comfortable area near the back of the Hop Nation tap room with a sofa. We focus on learning more about God’s Word in this informal setting where anyone is welcome.

Drawing of a man with a bible and a cross in the background with the words "Men's Bible Study"

Where do we meet?

Hop Nation is the location for this Bible Study, usually meeting at 6:30 on the 1st Tuesday of each month. 

Drawing of several men and the words "Men's Group."

Parking in two separate Lots

Hop nation is located at 31 North 1st Ave in Yakima. It is near the railroad tracks on the west side of the tracks. (You can enter the north parking lot from 1st Ave or the east parking lot from Yakima Ave. The two parking area are not connected.)

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Drawing of a man wearing derby hat with a bible open and the words "Bible Study Men."


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