Potluck Sunday Feb 29th

The words, "Fifth Sunday Potluck" above a table with serving dishes.

Fifth Sunday Potluck

Sunday, Feb. 29 will be the 5th Sunday in February. It is Mt. Olive’s custom to hold a potluck luncheon on the fifth Sunday of any month that has five Sundays. Join us for food and fellowship

Sign up

Please sign up to bring something for the potluck lunch. Of course, this is an essential step in providing this special meal. But it is not required.

The words, "Fifth Sunday Potluck" with a drawing of dishes on a table.

Just Come and Eat

On the other hand, if you were not able to contribute anything today (Nobody cares why.), please do not hesitate to come and share the food and fellowship anyway. We desire your presence more than anything else.


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