Quilters —Wednesday

Hands sewing quilt with needle and thread

Olive Patchers Sew Quilts

Photo of quilts arrayed on the pews waiting to be blessed in the Sanctuary.
Quilts spread out on pews in the sanctuary before being blessed during the worship service.

The Mt. Olive Lutheran quilters aka “Olive Patchers” gather each Wednesday at 10:00 AM at Mt. Olive in their sewing room.

Photo of a lady using a sewing machine to sew a quilt.
Sewing the edge hem on a quilt.

You are Invited

Everyone is welcome to join the Mt. Olive “Olive Patchers” and help us make these lovely quilts! Come one day or every week on Wednesday, you will immediately be useful and helpful. You can always find ways to help in our simple quilting process. And we will teach you everything you need to know.

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Photo of Mt Olive Sanctuary from above with multi-colored quilts on the backs of all the pews
The Sanctuary before worship service with quilts laid out on pews.


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