Quilters —Wednesday

Hands sewing quilt with needle and thread

Hands sewing quilt with needle and threadQuilters —Wednesday

Quil­ters gath­er each Wednes­day at 10:00 AM at Mt. Olive to cre­ate these beau­ti­ful quilts which then are des­tined to touch many peo­ple.

Each per­son who is bap­tized in our church is pre­sent­ed with a quilt. Patients in hos­pice care often receive a quilt with a Mt. Olive label.

Every­one is wel­come!

Quilts arrayed to be blessed.
Quilts spread out on pews in the sanc­tu­ary before being blessed dur­ing the wor­ship ser­vice.
Mt Olive Sanctuary from above with multi-colored quilts on the backs of all the pews
The Sanc­tu­ary before wor­ship ser­vice with quilts laid out on pews.


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