Rally Sunday —8 Sept

Photo of 2 children in sack race.
Photo of children in the sanctuary performing.
Children sing for the congregation on Rally Sunday.

Rally Sunday & Potluck — 

This September, as is our custom at Mt. Olive, we will celebrate Rally Day with food in the Fellowship Hall after our regular Sunday morning worship service. The Sunday School children will perform for Rally Day, but Sunday School classes for children and Pastor’s adult bible study on Acts will be starting the following Sunday, on September 15th. 

The words, "Hi, I am Luther." and "Hi, I am Sarah." pinned to two puppets."
Rally Day! Come meet our friends, Sarah and Luther.

We invite everyone, including members, friends and family. Your presence is requested.
The words, "Rally Day" with 3 figures with arms raised. Whether you brought a dish for the potluck doesn’t matter, please come and enjoy a fun fellowship time and a meal.

The words, "Back to Church Sunday" with a drawing of a church.

Photo of two puppets

What is Rally Day? It’s just for kids isn’t it?

One answer:
Taking the last question first: No, rally day isn’t just for kids. It is for everyone in the church. . . .
Webster’s Dictionary defines “rally” as:
1) a verb “to draw or call together for a common purpose”
2) a noun meaning “a renewal of energy in joint action”
During the summer, our many activities and vacations and events continually draw congregation members away from each other—especially on weekends. Summer can also be a spiritually draining time.
You start the summer with the good intentions of sticking to your Bible-reading schedules. Good intentions of worshiping regularly. Good intentions of attending Bible class. But the reality is that summer’s hectic schedules can easily derail us from those good intentions.
Come the end of summer, we need “a renewal of energy” when it comes to spiritual matters. It’s hard to renew your energy on your own. But it’s much easier in a group. That’s why we set aside one special day at the end of the summer to “rally”—to “draw together for a common purpose” seeking the Holy Spirit’s power to “renew our energy” for worship, for digging into God’s Word, for praying, for serving, and for witnessing.               —Pastor Dave, Living Word Lutheran, New London, MN


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