Sunday School Jan — Feb — Mar 2019

An adult reading to a group of 6 children sitting

Unit 2 January—March

Children’s Sun­day School 10:30–11:15am

Jan­u­ary 6, 2019 After ser­vice, every­one is invit­ed to the Fel­low­ship Hall for Sun­day School Open­ing! Grab your good­ies, find your friends, and join us for a few min­utes of singing, a children’s ser­mon, and prayer. Stu­dents are dis­missed to class after open­ing.

Each week, ALL class­es share the same sto­ry and sim­i­lar, age appro­pri­ate les­son ideas, so that par­ents can dis­cuss with their chil­dren, as a whole fam­i­ly, what they have learned, from Pre-K to high school.

Five children with books open looking up and smiling and the words "Sunday School makes a difference"

Answers Bible Curriculum (ABC)

Our children’s Sun­day School fol­lows the ABC Cur­ricu­lum which teach­es the entire Bible, from cov­er to cov­er, in about 4 years. Lessons are chrono­log­i­cal. So stu­dents learn how the indi­vid­ual Bible sto­ries have been writ­ten by God as one sto­ry that reveals His per­fect plan for us from the begin­ning to the end of time.

One Sunday or Every Sunday, Please come!

Vis­i­tors and guests are always wel­come! Whether you come one Sun­day or 10 Sun­days, your chil­dren will enjoy their fun, inter­ac­tive, and car­ing teach­ers and class­mates.

Stories, Games, Music

Each les­son is packed with sto­ries, skits, games, activ­i­ties, mem­o­ry vers­es, and music! You’ll be sur­prised at how much your child learns in just one les­son!

Teacher standing beside students at desks with the word "Teachers"

Meet the Teachers — 3 Levels

Primary children seated around a table working on projects.
Primary Sunday School (Grades Pre-K to 1st)

Sue Williamson

Diana Brown

Photo of 4 students around a table working on a lesson.
Elementary Sunday School (Grades 2–5)

Bec­ca Mai­land

Middle/High School (Grades 6–12)

Tim Wheel­er

An adult reading to a group of 6 children sitting

Unit 2 – Creation

Memory Verse for weeks 1–5, through Feb 3

Psalm 8:3–4
When I look at your heav­ens, the work of your fin­gers, the moon and the stars, which you have set in place, what is man that you are mind­ful of him, and the son of man that you care for him?

January 6

An Overview of God’s Plan for His Chil­dren

The 7 C’s of His­to­ry: Cre­ation, Cor­rup­tion, Cat­a­stro­phe, Con­fu­sion, Christ, Cross, Con­sum­ma­tion

Gen­e­sis 1:1, Matthew 1:21, Colos­sians 1:19, Rev­e­la­tions 21:1

January 13

God Cre­ates the Universe—Genesis 1

January 20

Cre­ation: Days and Kinds—Genesis 1: 1–19

January 27

Cre­ation: Ani­mals and Man—Genesis 1:20–31

February 3

Cre­ation: Adam and Eve—Genesis 2

February 10

Dinosaurs and Drag­ons: What the Bible Says—Job 40, 41

February 17

How Old Is The Earth?—Genesis 5, 1 Chron­i­cles 1, Luke 3

February 24

We Are All Stew­ards of God’s Creation—Genesis 1:26–31, 2:15–20, 8:20–9:3

March 3

Cor­rup­tion: Sin Enters the World—Genesis 3, Rev­e­la­tion 12:9

March 10

Unit Review: Games, Activ­i­ties, Mem­o­ry Vers­es


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