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Thank you for your support to Mount Olive Lutheran Church and Preschool.  (Of course, as a non-profit ministry of Mt. Olive Lutheran Church, the Mt. Olive Preschool is completely dependent upon tuition payments.) The generous financial gifts and offerings of God’s people enable us to teach the Gospel in Yakima and help spread it throughout the World.  We are committed to faithful stewardship of all that God would entrust to us.

Photo of Mt Olive Lutheran Church with old outline of Jesus kneeling in prayer and the Cross from Tieton Drive background
The old Mt Olive Sanctuary from Tieton Drive before the wall was broken by an out-of-control car. Now, after repairs, we have a new LCMS style cross on that wall.

With your help Mt. Olive will continue to grow in the Yakima community, and provide a church home for you as part of our church family.

Thank you again for answering the call to contribute to God’s work here at Mt. Olive.

Whether paying tuition or making a donation, there are several ways to donate or make payments to Mount Olive Lutheran Church and Preschool:

ONLINE / easyTithe

A computer mouse with its cord in the shape of a dollar sign and the words "Online Giving."
Easiest are electronic payments which may be set up to be recurring. You can set them up through your own bank many times or through the church’s safe and secure online connection hosted for us by easyTithe. easyTithe is hassle-free for anyone making a gift or payment. It streamlines the process of bookkeeping for our church, and after once registering, your records are easily accessible and available to you for tax purposes etc.

Simply indicate the amount and select the appropriate fund to assure that the money is credited correctly to you and that it is directed as you wish. 

Start now

Enter an amount below to begin. (The button states that no registration is necessary but, of course, it is necessary to register once to have all the records kept for you.)



Tracking and records

Records are more easily kept and managed.  Every transaction is secure and easily tracked for tax purposes etc.

Less Hassle

This service eliminates the need for writing checks, making a special trip to the office to make a payment, or remembering to bring your check or offering envelope with you when you are here for another purpose.


EasyTithe allows you to easily activate automated recurring payments or multiple automatic recurring donations so you can designate automatic gifts to separate funds.


At least once a week I have a member of our church come and tell me, “Wow, that online giving feature is so easy and convenient. Why didn’t we do this years ago?” As a church in a military town, EasyTithe has made it so much easier for deployed and/or displaced families to continue to give. Thank you EasyTithe!” —Jeremiah G.|Worship Pastor|Killeen, TX

EasyTithe offers many features to make life easier. If you are a church staffer who is looking for ways to easily and securely integrate payment options for events and merchandise or you are a Believer who wants to make sure your giving to the church is always on time; EasyTithe is a great tool to accomplish those things and many more. In a day when technology is expanding every minute, products like EasyTithe allow us to maximize our resources and minimize the demands on our time.”  —Michael H.|Director of Communication|Macon, GA


-Of course, you can always come in and leave your offering with the secretary in the church office during business hours.

-Gifts of stocks, real estate, personal property, and “in memory” gifts are among many other opportunities available.


-You can mail your donation / payment to:

Mt. Olive Lutheran Church & Preschool,   

7809 Tieton Drive,    

Yakima, WA 98908


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