Min­istries of our church usu­al­ly involve an oppor­tu­ni­ty to serve our con­gre­ga­tion and our com­mu­ni­ty so

Man behind a table with posters and displays talking to another person
Lar­ry explains what is involved in a min­istry dur­ing the Min­istry Fair 2003

just about every one of these groups needs your help. Decide which type oa activ­i­ty suits you best and then, please vol­un­teer.

Most min­istries of our church have at least one page here on the web­site.


In 2003 Mt. Olive held a min­istry fair in the old Fel­low­ship Hall. In 2017 there was anoth­er min­istry fair in the new Fel­low­ship Hall. Peo­ple involved in each min­istry set up tables with posters and dis­plays all around the room where church mem­bers could browse and talk with rep­re­sen­ta­tives about min­istry oppor­tu­ni­ties and dis­cuss what is involved in vol­un­teer­ing.

People are sitting behind tables and others looking at displays and talking
Min­istry Fair table
Ladies standing on both sides of a table with a sewing machine and other items
Luther­an Women and Quil­ters tables at Min­istry Fair 2003
Two men standing behind a table with a lawn mower and a wheelbarrow
Lawn Care table
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