Feed the 5000

Feeding the Five Thousand Two fish and five loaves of bread and the words "God Provides"

A child holds up bags of food while wearing a Children of the Nations apron.
Helping with packaging meals in the Mt. Olive Fellowship Hall.

Child using a fork to eat food from a bowl






Mount Olive Lutheran Church and the Yakima community have joined with Children of the Nations to package meals to send to Children of the Nations centers since 2008 in our Feeding the 5000 ministry.

Since then, here at Mount Olive Lutheran Church, we have packaged more than 229,000 meals that consist of rice, lentils, spice, dehydrated vegetables, & chicken protein powder.  These meals only cost twenty five cents each.

After the meals have been packaged they are shipped to one Children of the Nations centers in either Haiti, Malawi, Sierre Leone, Uganda, or the Dominican Republic.

Line of people in Sierra Leone waiting to pick up a cardboard box of meals and two people in front are carrying boxes
Our food being distributed in Sierra Leone.




Year-long Effort

A dozen people standing in front of a trailer loaded with bins or recycling materialsThroughout the year the Mt Olive community raises funds through recycling, potato feeds, omelet feeds, dessert auctions, and many other events.  The effort culminates each year on packaging day when the ingredients are mixed and bagged to be made ready for shipment to one of the countries served.

Contact the church office (509) 966-2190 if you are interested in helping with any of the Feed the 5000 activities or fund raisers.

Drawing of a person giving food to another and the words "Feeding the 5000"People standing with aprons on and a funnel in the conter







These are some of the activities that have become annual events each year to raise the necessary funds and prepare for actually putting meals together on packaging day.


Golfers watching while one gets ready to swing with trees in backgroundGolf Tournament


Recycling Group of leaders with recycling materials on trailer





Potato Feed




Bunko Party Three red dice and the words "Bunko Party"


Young ladies packaging mealsPackaging Day



Burger Bonanza



Dessert Auction Table covered with pies, cakes and other baked goods





Picture of an omelet close-up showing a variety of ingredients inside the omeletOmelet Feed









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