Ministry Fair Photos

Table set up with posters for Sunday School
Sunday School Table at Ministry Fair 3-19-17













Table with miniature wheelbarrow, tractor and various tools with a Poster behind with the title "Trustees"
Trustee’s table at the Ministry Fair 3-19-2017













Poster on white paper with the title "Youth Ministry" and more in small print
Youth Ministry Poster at Ministry Fair 3-19-2017














Table with a cross and a decorated poster titled "2nd Touch"
2nd Touch table at Ministry Fair 3-19-17 setup














Table with a poster board holding four posters with titles "Website" "Newsletter"
Public Relations and Communications table at Ministry Fair 3-19-17














Pos"LWML" at the top and several small areas of text
Lutheran Women’s poster outlining yearly events














Table with several papers and flyers, a cross and an easel
Lutheran Hour Ministries table setup -Ministry Fair 3-19-17













Table with large poster with the title "Offering Counters - Data Input
Counters table at Ministry Fair 3-19-17