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Mount Olive Preschool

We’re excited that you’re here! Our teachers and staff are excited to meet you and answer any questions you have. Please call the office or stop by for more information. Call 509-966-2190 for more information!

Click to download/print our updated 2021-2022 Registration Form!

Registration Process

  1. Take a tour, talk to our teachers, read through our program, and decide if we’re the best fit for your child!
  2. Bring in your completed Registration Form and Fee to the Church/Preschool Office.
  3. You will receive a registration packet, due later this summer before school starts.
  4. If you need full time childcare along with preschool, please take a look at our childcare page: Sonshine Child Care
  5. Over the summer, you will receive a letter from your child’s teacher with more information about the class.
  6. Parent Orientation will be one evening in late August, for parents only.  Open House will be held before school starts for children and their families to visit the classroom and drop off supplies. School usually begins the first Tuesday in September and ends the Wednesday  before Memorial Day.

Paying Tuition / Deposits

Tuition is due by the 5th of each month. We have two ways to pay tuition and make payments:

  1. Drop off your tuition at our office (M-F from 8am-1pm)
  2. Mail payment to church: Mt. Olive Lutheran Preschool, 7809 Tieton Drive, Yakima, WA 98908

Program Overview

We offer classes for 2, 3, 4, and 5 year olds. Each class is created to introduce your child to school and engage in every area of development. We have thoughtfully arranged our curriculum to introduce and practice age-appropriate skills. We are dedicated to nurturing your child’s growth to create a lifelong foundation for learning.

By August 31st, children must be 3 years of age to enroll in the 3-year-old programs or 4 years of age to enroll in the 4-year-old programs. All children must be completely independent in their toileting needs.

Preschool Slideshow 

Curriculum Focus

Spirutual Growth

  • God is a Loving Father
  • Jesus is Our Lord and Savior
  • The Holy Spirit is Our Special Helper
  • Each Person Is Beloved and Made Special by God
  • Weekly Chapel with Pastor Ken: Bible Stories, Lessons, and Songs

Fine Motor

  • Pencil/Crayon Grip
  • Painting, Coloring, Drawing, Writing
  • Lots of Hands-On Play and Activities! (Doing Puzzles, Using Scissors, Playdough, Lacing, and More)

Gross Motor/Coordination

  • Self-Control (Sitting, Standing, Keeping Hands to Self, Etc)
  • Using Playground Equipment at Recess
  • Jumping, Running, Hopping, Etc
  • Following Directions during PE Games

Social/Emotion Development

  • Cooperation with Children and Adults
  • Problem Solving
  • Developing Curiosity and a Love for Learning

Oral Language / Reading Readiness

  • Learning through Stories, Songs, and Rhymes
  • Practicing Listening Skills
  • Letter Names & Sounds
  • Foundational Reading Skills (Reading Left to Right, Reading Top to Bottom, Holding Books Correctly, Recognizing that Letters Make Words, Etc)
  • Discussing New Vocabulary, Stories, and Ideas

Mathematics / Science

  • Learning Shapes, Colors, and Numbers 1-20
  • Continuing Simple Patterns
  • Measuring and Using Measuring Tools
  • Circle / Calendar Time
  • Weather Patterns

Special Activities

  • Special Arts and Crafts
  • Cooking
  • PE
  • Holiday Celebrations
  • So Much More!!!

About Our Preschool

Mt. Olive Lutheran Preschool has provided Christ-centered, Bible-based, child-focused, quality Christian education for children from ages 3 to 5 since 1992.  The Preschool is a non-profit outreach ministry of Mount Olive Lutheran Church. We create an environment that challenges each child to grow, explore and learn at their own pace. Our preschool staff encourages learning that is unhurried as we strive to arrange for experiences that explore God’s amazing world and His love for us.

Dedicated Staff

The preschool has over 80 students utilizing 4 classrooms. The program involves a staff of dedicated teachers and assistants, supervised by a preschool administrator.

Preschool Leadership Team – Rebecca W and Stacy C

Preschool Administrator – Darcy C

Pastor/Chapel Leader – Rev. Kenneth Williamson

Family Involvement

We have so many ways for families to be involved and support our preschool! Throughout the year we take field trips, perform programs, and host shows or dinners for families and the community. We encourage parents to be active volunteers and participate in all these events.



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