Child Care —Activities and Objectives

Logo with symbol of mother and child with the words, "Mt OIive ChildCare."


To Provide:
  1. A Christian environment which values respect, honesty, trust, kindness, compassion, and responsibility. We pray for and support this for all the children in our care. We teach these values through the daily activities and decisions made by both the children and the adult staff members.
  2. An emotionally, spiritually, and physically supportive environment. Our employees demonstrate the loving care and compassionate attitude we would want for our own children.
  3. Activities which enhance, stimulate, and challenge each child. We encourage social, emotional, physical, spiritual, and cognitive development through a wide variety of hands-on experiences. We create Bible lessons, dramatic play situations, learning activities, science experiments, and art projects to advance their knowledge and skills. We also utilize everyday social interactions to help the children grow in their interpersonal skills.