Preschool Programs, Staff, Classes & Ages

Drawing of a smiling flower with the words "Mt Olive Preschool"

Thank you for your interest in our preschool program.  Here at Mount Olive we take preschool very seriously—because playing to learn is hard work! We strive to offer your child the best Christ-centered environment we can, so that they can play, play, play and, along the way, learn and practice valuable social, emotional and cognitive skills. We aim to develop kids who love school and are ready to learn!

Dedicated Staff

The preschool has over 90 students utilizing 4 classrooms. The program involves a staff of 13 dedicated teachers and assistants, supervised by a preschool administrator.

Preschool Leadership Team – Rebecca W and Stacy C

Preschool Administrator – Darcy C

Pastor/Chapel Leader – Rev. Kenneth Williamson

Music/Chapel – Sue W

Program 2A & 2B – Angela G & Melissa B

Program 3A-3B – Mireya R & Heather E

Program C – Stacy C & Sarah D

Program D – Amelia B & Darlene H


Registration Forms & Classes and Ages

New Registration Packet coming soon! Check back February 25th!


End of August Cut-off

By August 31st, children must be 3 years of age to enroll in the 3-year-old programs or 4 years of age to enroll in the 4-year-old programs.

All children must be completely independent in their toileting needs.


Tour and Meet

Please come by for a tour, meet some of our staff, and ask any questions you may have.  We’d love to see you!  Please call the office or stop by to schedule a tour or to ask any questions.

Office Hours

Contact: (509) 966-2190

Program Overview

Christian Education

The Gift of God’s Love

All of our programs focus on sharing the wonderful gift of God’s Love with all children and their families in a variety of ways.  We provide a loving, encouraging and enriching environment for your child to play and explore in.  All programs have daily “Jesus Time” with a bible story and memory verse of the week, and the children attend weekly chapel sessions led by staff and our Pastor (whom they love!).

Social/Emotional Development
Stories, Play, Songs, Conversation, Puppets

Another component of all programs is our focus on social and emotional development.  Through play, stories, puppet shows, songs and conversation, we work with children individually and in a group setting to develop and practice ways to show love and respect to others around them.

Cooperation and Problem Solving

Our staff works hard each day to help children grow in their ability to share, take turns, play cooperatively, listen to other children and adults and solve problems together.  We also provide daily opportunities for children to develop their self-confidence and independence—important skills for future academic success.

Developing a Love for Learning

We want your child to love coming to school!  Developing a joy for learning and exploring the world is an important part of our preschool.  Our teachers work to provide an enriching environment and materials that allow your child to investigate and explore each day.  Centers may change with a new theme, allowing your child to discover new things. If you say “How was school today?” we hope your child will say “It was fun!”

Thematic Units

All programs follow the same themes throughout the year, but with varying activities and depth of focus.  Each theme may last from 2-5 weeks, depending on the topic.  We begin the year with a focus on “All About Me” and expand our investigating outward from there.

Readiness Skills

All children participate in daily circle times that incorporate songs, finger plays, and stories. Students learn and practice readiness skills including sitting still, staying in one spot, following along during a story, participating in a song, and watching and imitating teacher’s hand motions or facial expressions. They also participate in cleanup routines at the end of center play time.  These foundational learning behaviors are helpful for future academic success.

Family Style Snack Time

All programs serve snacks “family style” to help promote manners, independence and responsibility.  Each family is responsible for providing snacks 2-4 times a year, depending on the size of your class and how often it meets. Students take turns passing the serving bowl and serving themselves.  They also pour their own drink of milk or water from a small pitcher.  When food or drink is spilled, students practice cleaning up with adult guidance and assistance as needed.

Gross Motor Skills

We have an excellent enclosed playground on site.  Students practice climbing, sliding, riding trikes, running, kicking and enjoying fresh air every day during outdoor recess time.

Program Curriculum Descriptions

Family Contributions 

Each family is asked to supply snack 2-4 times a year for the whole class.  We also ask for 2 picture frames used to frame your child’s art for our Spring Art Show.

We also welcome family contributions in the form of volunteering—bring in your chicken during farm week, help out with the Christmas program, teach us how to bake banana bread—let us know your talent, and we’ll find a spot for you!