Preschool Photos

Preschool Children at School

Taking the trike for a spin

Taking the trike for a spin

Photo of a child coming down the long slide on the playground with an adult watching the children enjoying our playground.

Enjoying our playground

Photo of two children are sitting on the edge of the sidewalk to mix chemicals for Volcanoes!


Girl with pig tails and wearing pink boots walks across a board between hay bales during Our Harvest Festival Obstacle Course.

Our Harvest Festival Obstacle Course

Girl wears a jacket to be dressed like a doctor during the Community Helpers Unit.

Community Helpers Unit

Photo of a large muffin tin full of Fresh Plum Muffins and a jar of Hand "Churned" Butter made during Farm Unit.

Fresh Plum Muffins and Hand “Churned” Butter made during Farm Unit

Photo of two students on the First Day of School- already these two are hard at play building something on the floor of their classroom!

First Day of School- already hard at play!

Photo of a display: 18 "Mat Man" Self Portraits hang from string with closepins in front of a purple background.

Working on “Mat Man” Self Portraits

Photo of a Preschool class with their teacher seated in the pews ready for Chapel.

Ready for Chapel

Photo of a girl lying on the carpet and playing with small plastic figures during "Center Play."

Center Play

A warmly dressed lady standing by a Boy in a wheelchair holding a fluorescent yellow sign shaped like a child with a red flag and the word "SLOW" in the parking lot with a snowy background

Volunteer in a wheelchair often helps with the youngsters in Preschool.