Preschool —Mission & Goals

Drawing of children, each one holding up a giant letter to form the word "Preschool."


The mission of Mt. Olive Lutheran’s Preschool is to share the message of Christ’s love with His children and their families and promote joyful learners.

Christ established our relationship with children: “Whoever welcomes one of these children in My name welcomes Me…”  (Mark 9:37)

The early childhood program’s primary purpose is to extend the Gospel to young children.  As such, the Preschool is an integral part of the Mt. Olive Lutheran Church congregation’s mission and total ministry program.

The early childhood program recognizes parents as children’s primary teachers and we support parents in their nurturing role.  We minister to families in the name of Jesus and bring them into contact with His saving Word.

The mission of the early childhood program, and the Preschool, along with all the other congregational ministries, is the Great Commission; to teach the Gospel to all.  Congregation and program leaders partner with all of Mt. Olive Lutheran Church’s members to embrace the early childhood program families in our circle of care. That means living and speaking the saving love of Jesus. So we pray that, by the power of the Holy Spirit, the lives of children and their families may be transformed.


  1. Provide enriching and engaging learning experiences as a foundation for future learning.
  2. To develop the child in five areas:  spiritual, social, emotional, physical and cognitive.
  3. To nurture the child’s feelings of self-worth as a loved and accepted child of God.
  4. That our staff would exemplify Christian love, provide for individual needs and view each child as a unique gift from God.
  5. To provide opportunities for learning about Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior through classes, chapel and the learning environment.
  6. Encourage family bonds and faith traditions and provide children and families opportunities for Christian fellowship.
Photo of a boy standing beside his full size picture of himself, a self portrait on butcher paper.

Self Portraits for All About Me Unit