Vacation Bible School 2017 Photos

Poster on a stand in the sanctuary with the title "Masterpiece" and more details about the theme

Poster on a stand with "Monday" at the top and "A Boy Shares His Lunch" -the lesson for Monday


Large group of people in the sanctuary with Day Camp Leaders in front


Great show today Kup­Kake arrived to arrest those camp lead­ers!!!

Miss KupKake poses on a hillside

  Lady dressed up with orange hair beside a man in a yellow shirt in the narthex  A man standing with a lady in costume is on the floor in the aisle in the sanctuary
Mis KupKake in orange hair and face paint stands beside a camp leader in front of the whole group
Great show today Miss Kup­Kake arrest­ed those camp lead­ers!!!

Boy seated in the sanctuary holding balloons twisted together.

Banner on a stand with "Wednesday" and "Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead"
Wednesday’s les­son — Jesus rais­es Lazarus from the dead
Children on the lawn playing with others playing ball in the background
Play time!
A boy at a table covered with white paper and two rocks that have been painted
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