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VBS Lutherhaven Day Camp

Outdoor Activities

Archery is usually included among the interesting activities that is a favorite among the young campers.

Photo of two children with the girl getting ready to shoot an arrow.
A boy waits his turn while a girl draws the bow.


Staff adults lead children shooting bows and arrows
Campers line up to shoot bow and arrows at stations on the field.

Play has an Important Place

Photo of children climbing on playground toys.
VBS campers climb on playground equipment.


Photo of children on the lawn playing with others playing ball in the background
Playing ball on the lawn.

Arts Projects and Crafts

Photo of children at a table with their art projects spread out
Creating flowers and mounting them for display


Photo of paints and brushes with flower pots on paper on the table
Turning plain flower pots into works of art.


A boy at a table covered with white paper and two rocks that have been painted
Painting rocks

Photo of a police officer with a trained dog beside his car in front of a large group of children.

Police and Fire Departments

The Yakima Police Department and the Yakima Fire Department (A fire station is located next door to our church.) often demonstrate some of their equipment as part of a presentation for the campers.

Photo of a fireman with gear in front of a firetruck talking to the children.
Campers form a close-up group listening to the fireman.


Photo of two firefighters demonstrate their breathing apparatus.
Firefighters explain their protective gear and equipment for the day campers.
Whole Group Activities

The Day Camp always includes music and fun songs. The Lutherhaven Staff are always well-trained and they provide a fabulous experience for the children.

Photo of adult playing guitar and another with hands up in front of children in the Sanctuary.

Photo from behind the VBS leader with a guitar showing the children seated in the pews.

All of the campers gather together for large group activities in the Sanctuary or in the Fellowship Hall.

Large group of people in the sanctuary with Day Camp Leaders in front

Water Day

Each year, the last day of the Monday through Friday “Day Camp,” is designated “Water Day” with fun outdoor activities. 

Photo of a girl sliding on her knees in water on a plastic slide.
Water slide

Photo of VBS children playing in a sprinkler on the lawn.

Photo of a group of girls wearing their VBS T-shirts posing at the entrance to the Fellowship Hall.

Special Guests

Sometimes the camps might have a featured guest who arrives to add a little extra spice and excitement. One summer KupKake provided a special experience for the campers. She put on a great show! KupKake arrived to arrest those camp leaders!!!

Miss KupKake poses on a hillside
Miss KupKake
  Lady dressed up with orange hair beside a man in a yellow shirt in the narthex

 A man standing with a lady in costume is on the floor in the aisle in the sanctuary

Miss KupKake in orange hair and face paint stands beside a camp leader in front of the whole group
Great show today Miss KupKake arrested those camp leaders!!!

Boy seated in the sanctuary holding balloons twisted together.


Lutherhaven Staff and Mt. Olive’s Volunteers

Of course, the volunteers and the Leaders from Lutherhaven are the people who make the VBS possible. We thank the Mt. Olive congregation (especially for their generous financial support) and all of those who helped or donated so that we can provide this program for the youngsters in our community.

The words, "Adventure Awaits" on the bulletin board with photo of 4 young adults in VBS tee shirts.

Photo of 3 people with trays full of paper cups in front of them.
Kitchen volunteers help provide food each day.



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