Website Design etc

How this Website is createdA light bulb, gears, a grid surrounding a computer with the words "Web Updates"

Domain Name

This website is built with several layers. It begins with a domain name which is bought and maintained by a company like GoDaddy. Our domain name, is held by GoDaddy.



Our website is hosted by Site Ground, which also provides other services or connects to other companies for security services. Hosting means that they provide the server where our website’s software is installed.


The Mt. Olive website uses an open source program, Word Press to create the basic structure of the website.


Wise Church is the name of the Word Press theme that our website uses for its appearance.


Programs are used to modify the basic website created by the theme and Word Press or these plug-ins add features for the website. Mt. Olive’s website uses several installed plug-ins. 


Widgets are used to arrange the appearance of a website or to add features but in different ways than plug-ins do it.

This page is a place for sharing relevant articles or links with information that helps understand or improve our website.


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