Photos from Mt Olive

Photo of a group of more than 20 people singing carols with Kara leading the singing.

Members of Mt Olive and friends sing Christmas Carols in the Valley Mall.

Photo of children using a variety of noise makers on stage with Christmas decorations.

Mt Olive Sanctuary from the street with the ground covered with snow

Mt Olive Lutheran Church with snow on the ground.

Photo in the Sanctuary with two young girls in front of the congregation singing.

Two young ladies sing a duet on Christmas Eve.

Photo of woman playing the piano and another lady playing guitar with a few people behind singing with them.

Heavensong Praise Team sing during a worship service.

Photo of the stage in the Fellowship Hall with 30-40 children wearing graduation mortar boards with tassels on their heads.

Preschool Graduation

Photo of a lady wearing a cloth hat with several candles on top.

Wearing the birthday hat while the congregation sings “Happy Birthday.”

Photo of a swimming pool with children and adults in the water.

Swimming Party at Lion’s Pool.

Photo of a man holding a big bouquet of flowers.

One lady standing and two sitting at a table with a cash box and a roll of tickets

St Pat’s Day party raising funds to pay off mortgage on Fellowship Hall

Photo of children lined up on the bench in the Narthex with lilies beside them.

Children wait on the bench full of lilies on Easter Sunday.

Photo of a building under construction with a crane lifting trusses to set them in place.

Preschool wing under construction.

Family in aprons and hair coverings assembling ingredients from bins into bags.

Measuring and combining ingredients for Feeding the 5000 meals.

Photo of a lady talking with two girls in the Sanctuary before the worship service.

Conversation before the worship service begins.

Photo of children wearing matching tee shirts with 3 adult leaders, one holding a guitar.

VBS Day Campers

Photo of 6 people in front of the Altar.

Welcoming new people.

Photo from above of people around a plastic wading pool full of water and apples

Apples get washed before being pressed into cider.


Photo of children standing at a table with their art projects spread out.

Glue, paper, wood art projects

Many people wearing blue shirts posed and waving in celebration

Packaging Day crew for Feeding the 5000.

Spring photo of white blossoms on trellised apple trees and blue sky.

Spring blossoms in West Valley

Photo of a young woman in a yellow shirt talking with a boy in a pew in the Sanctuary.

VBS leader talks with one of the children during an indoor activity.

Mother, daughter and father at table with blue table cloth.

Family at the table during Preschool event, “Pasta for Parents.”

Line of people in Sierra Leone waiting to pick up a cardboard box of meals and two people in front are carrying boxes

Our Feeding 5000 food being distributed in Sierra Leone.

Photo of a girl carving a pumpkin.