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Sketch representing computer connections and the words "Check out these links"
We have included Resource items for your use and convenience. We listed things here that have perhaps been featured on the Mt. Olive web site. Those items may be saved on this list if they seem to hold potential for long-term interest. Other links are provided so you can explore topics and sites related to the Christian faith or the Lutheran Church and LCMS.

Whether you have been associated with Mt. Olive for a long time, or if your interest in more recent, you will more than likely find some of these links interesting.

Lookup a word or passage in the Bible


For Mt. Olive Members interested in learning more about how to update and contribute to our church web site these links can teach you some of the basics:

Administrator Tutorial – WordPress

Color drawing of a small church shaped like a simple house with a cross on top

HTML (Hyper text markup language) course