Other Lutheran Churches Nearby

An internet poster with the words Other Lutheran Churches in or near Yakima  Color drawing of a small church shaped like a simple house with a cross on top

Beth­le­hem Luther­an Church, (LCMS) 801 Tieton Dr, Yaki­ma, WA (509) 457‑5822

Cen­tral Luther­an Church, (ELCA) 1604 W. Yaki­ma Ave, (509) 575‑6490

Christ Luther­an Church, (ELCA) 5606 W. Lin­coln Ave., Yaki­ma, WA, (509) 966‑1720

Grace Luther­an Church, (WELS) 1207 S. 7th Ave, Yaki­ma, WA, (509) 594‑0715

Faith Luther­an Church, 61800 Hwy 97, Top­pen­ish, WA, (509) 865‑4681

Peace Luther­an Church, (LCMS) 91 Wernex Loop, Selah, WA, (509) 697‑4353

Redeemer Luther­an Church (WELS), 10203 W. Tieton Dr., Yaki­ma, WA, (509) 248‑6919

{It requires con­tin­u­ous mon­i­tor­ing to assure that these links are still good. Please con­tact the church sec­re­tary or Ter­ry Forti­er if you find that a link no longer works or if there is a site which we should add to this page. Church­es list­ed with­out a link have no cur­rent web site as far as we know. Please con­tact us if you have any infor­ma­tion about any need­ed updates.}

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