How do I Prepare for Future? — 2019 Mar 17

The Bible tells us how to face an uncertain future. No man knows what will happen tomorrow so we must not presume we know. We do need to plan, counting on God to direct us. God says we should keep his Word on our mind day and night. With trust in God, we can overcome the fear and discouragement that can be obstacles to our goals. God is in control.

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Photo of a tree looking up through leaves that are yellow toward blue sky with the words, "Learn to do good. Seek Justice."

When Life is Unfair — 2019 Mar 3

Discussing why God allows there to be injustice and suffering in the world. Pastor Ken goes over five different examples of how unfair life can be. Then he lists and explains four reasons that God allows those five kinds of injustice. And, finally, Pastor Ken gives us a list of three things we can do in the face of the unfair world.

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Photo of a child lying in the snow making a snow angel and the words, "For everything there is a season.

To Manage the Unmanageable — 2019 Feb 24

“I know there is nothing better for men than to be happy and do good while they live.” Ecclesiastes 3:12 “God created us for a life of good works, which He already prepared for us to do.” Ephesians 2:10 (GN) “If you wait for perfect conditions, you will never get anything done.” Ecclesiastes 11:4 (LB)

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Painting of Jesus with his hand lifted up talking to a crowd, the Sermon on the Mount.

I Just Want to be Happy — 2019 Feb 17

We are enlightened to expect God to meet my needs, or our needs. We are not to expect our spouse or our boyfriend or our girlfriend or work or a hobby or a sport to meet all of our needs. If we expect somebody or something to meet all of our needs, we are going to be disappointed. God said, “Expect Me to meet all of your needs. Trust Me.”

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Photo of a tree in a part with the words "What is twisted cannot be straightened, and what is lacking cannot be counted. -Ecclesiastes 1:15"

What’s the Point? —2019 Feb 10

King Solomon who wrote Ecclesiastes was a seeker on a quest for the meaning and purpose of life. Have you tried to straighten out something that is crooked? Have you tried to straighten out a relationship that just refuses to be straightened out? Have you tried to solve a problem that you just couldn’t figure out? Have you tried to change somebody or a circumstance but you just couldn’t do it?

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