The words, "Train children in the right way and when old they will not stray." on a photo of two girls on a path in the woods.

Fathers’ Day 2019 June 16

The secret of all successful marriages, of parenting always rests with two sets of hands: First, and foremost, in the hands of God. Secondly in our hands. If our hands are linked together,joined together with God’s hands, yoked with Him, the results are incredible. Lives are changed. Lives are improved. Families are healed. Burdens are lifted.

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How do I Prepare for Future? — 2019 Mar 17

The Bible tells us how to face an uncertain future. No man knows what will happen tomorrow so we must not presume we know. We do need to plan, counting on God to direct us. God says we should keep his Word on our mind day and night. With trust in God, we can overcome the fear and discouragement that can be obstacles to our goals. God is in control.

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The words, "In with the New," on a background of Christmas ornaments and tinsel.

Getting the Most of 2017 —Jan 1

Elder Ernie delivers a powerful call to action asking the congregation to make the choice to help improve our lives in the new year, ending with an admonition for everybody to sign up to volunteer to serve through at least one of the ministries. (Sign-up sheets are posted on the wall in the Fellowship Hall.)

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