Fathers’ Day 2019 June 16

The secret of all successful marriages, of parenting always rests with two sets of hands: First, and foremost, in the hands of God. Secondly in our hands. If our hands are linked together,joined together with God’s hands, yoked with Him, the results are incredible. Lives are changed. Lives are improved. Families are healed. Burdens are lifted.

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Three men with flames above their heads.

The Day of Pentecost —2019 June 9

Pentecost is a great day of celebration because it proclaims the faithfulness of God. . . .God the Father is not finished. The next big noise is the final return of our Lord Jesus Christ. . . . Pentecost reminds us how God words, is still working and tells us that we are part of something old and precious.

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The words, "News from our Denomination."

Onward Christian Soldiers —2019 May 26

Some think of the Christian life as a cure-all. Some think of Christianity as nothing more than the wearing of a particular denominational uniform. Please join us to hear the next part of this series in person. However, if you cannot be here, the sermon will be available on this website (usually by Wednesday) for listening/downloading.

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Eyes Focused and Clear —2019 May 5

I ask . . . the God of Glory to make you intelligent and discerning in knowing Him personally, your eyes focused and clear. Answering these four simple questions can help us keep from making the same mistake in life. Each of us is made to serve God in a unique way. Ask yourself these 4 questions (and write down your answers).

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Miracles on Palm Sunday — 2019 April 14

How could it be that the Jewish students of the Old Testament, the priests and the scribes, who had memorized, and could have recited verbatim, what Zechariah said about the coming of the Messiah, have missed the moment when it was fulfilled before their eyes?
Do you know that it is possible to write a very complete story, His story of the life of the Lord Jesus Christ, just using the Old Testament? . . . . You can take all the prophecies that are written in the Old Testament, without ever reading the New Testament, put them down in the right order and you would essentially have the same story.

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Neither death nor life . . . nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus."

How Good are Our Ears? — 2019 April 7

Pastor Ken asks, “How good are our ears?” He is talking about our need for prayer. Jesus often went off by himself to pray. We need to practice praying regularly and it is very important to have a time and place for prayer. The other essential is to have our Bible open, meaning that we are in the habit of reading and studying it often. Do we let God love us?

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